How To Solve ESIC Authentication Failed Error At Login Page

By | June 18, 2017

Are you facing trouble in ESIC employer login page and you are getting the following error that ESIC authentication failed. When you get the above error it is not possible to login into ESIC employer portal with your used id and password. Here you are going to learn a simple solution to solve ESIC authentication failed error at login page of your ESIC employer portal.

esic authentication failed error

What is ESIC Authentication Failed Error :

Generally when we are trying to login in to ESIC portal with a wrong user id or password then we will get the above error. But in most cases even when we trying to login with correct user id and password also we will get that error. In this cases the problem is with your password.

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Some Important Points Regarding ESIC Portal Login Password

The validity of ESIC employer login portal is 3000 days and one day grace period will be allotted to employers to login with the same password. After this period employers need to change their password to login in to ESI portal.

The password should be in between 8 – 16 characters and it must be alphanumeric i.e at least it must contain one number and one alphabet.

If user enters wrong password for 5 times, then it will lock account automatically and it will be unlocked only after 24 hours.

How To Solve ESIC Authentication Failed Error At Login

As we already discussed the main reason for ESIC authentication failed error is pass word, so we have to solve this issue by changing password. So in order solve ESIC authentication failed error click on forgot password link which appears just below the login credentials of employer login page.

esic authentication failed error

Now enter your ESIC user name and email id which was registered in ESIC portal. (If you forgot your registered email id then contact ESIC help desk at Once you enter all those details then you will get a system generated password to your email id , now use that password to login in to ESIC portal.

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