Latest Amendments In Labour Laws 2018

By | January 17, 2018

Keeping a view of welfare and safety of the employees the labour department of India is simplifying labour laws. The central government of India is making an exercise to group 38 labour acts into 4 labour codes. They are code on wages, code on industrial relations, code on social security and code on occupational safety-health & working conditions. Already the labour code on wages was introduced in Lok Sabha on 10 October 2018, and it has to be approved by the parliamentary standing committee. Remaining 3 codes are under the pre-legislative consultative stage. Here is the list of latest amendments in labour laws 2018.

Latest Amendments In Labour Laws 2018 | Recent Amendments In Labour Laws 2018

Latest Amendments In Labour Laws 2018 | Recent Amendments In Labour Laws 2018

Code On Wages Bill:

Once this bill gets approval from parliamentary standing committee then it will revoke 4 existing labour laws like The Minimum Wages Act 1948, The Payment Of Wages Act 1936, The Payment Of Bonus Act 1965 and The Equal Remuneration Act 1976.

Amendment To The Payment Of Bonus Act:

The eligibility limit for bonus has increased to 21000 Rs from 10000 Rs and the bonus ceiling limit was also increased to 7000 Rs from 3500 Rs.

Payment Of Wages Act 2017:

Now employers can pay wages either by currency or cheque or direct credit into their bank account without obtaining written authorisation from the employees.

Maternity Benefit Amendment Act 2017:

The maternity leaves for women employees have increased from 12 weeks to 26 weeks.

Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Amendment Act 2016:

This amendment made a complete ban on employing children below 14 years of age.

The Employee Compensation (Amendment) Act:

As per this amendment, every employer has to immediately inform the employees about their rights to compensation in both written and electronic forms either in English or Hindi or local language which can be understood by the employee.

A Model Shops and Establishments (RE&CS) Bill 2016

This bill provides a freedom to the establishments to operate for 365 days in a year without any restrictions on opening and closing timings.

Ease of Compliance to maintain Registers under various Labour Laws Rules, 2017

This amendment has replaced 56 registers/forms under 9 labour laws into 5 common registers/forms5 common registers/forms. This amendment also reduced the number of forms under Three central acts to 12 from existing 36.

These are some latest amendments in labour laws 2018 and do share your opinions and doubts on these latest amendments in labour laws 2018.

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