What To Do If PF Amount Not Credited To Your Bank Account

By | June 19, 2017

Are you applied for PF withdrawal and still you didn’t receive your PF amount to your bank account. Then here you can get complete details on what to do if PF amount not credited to your bank account number. Generally any PF claim will be settled with in 20 days from the date of apply. If you apply for PF claim online then it will be settled less than 10 days. But in some cases even after 30 days also applicants can’t receive their EPF amount.

PF amount not credited

Reasons For PF Amount Not Credited

Actually before applying for EPF withdrawal EPFO officials will check your application properly, if is there any deviations in names, bank account number and KYC details then they won’t accept your application and they will tell you to solve that issue and reapply again. So whenever you or your employer submits your PF withdrawal application personally and EPFO officials accepts your application then 99% claim will be settled with out any problem.

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How To Withdraw PF Amount Without Aadhaar Card Updation

Some times employers will submit bulk PF claim forms to PF office, so there is no chance for EPFO subscribers to check all applications. In this kind of cases due to the lack of communication between employer and PF officials some problematic applications will be kept in pending and some times their claim status also not updated in EPFO portal. This is also one of the reason for PF amount not credited.

The other reason for PF amount not yet received is some times due to busy schedules of employers, they forgot to submit PF claim forms of their employees or they miss some applications. In those cases also PF amount will not be credited.

There are some other issues like invalid bank accounts, differences in names in bank account number and PF portal will also become reasons for rejection of PF withdrawal claims.

What To Do If PF Amount Not Credited To Your Bank Account

Before knowing about what to do if your PF amount not received, we have to know the exact reason for rejection of PF withdrawal claims. You can check your PF claim status at Know Your PF Claim StatusMost of the time you can find the reasons for PF claim rejections and now you have to solve that issue and reapply again. If you find that no records found then you have to visit your PF office.

Note : Always write address properly on PF withdrawal forms because if your claim is rejected then EPFO will send your PF withdrawal  forms to the address you mentioned on PF claim forms.

9 thoughts on “What To Do If PF Amount Not Credited To Your Bank Account

  1. joshin k

    I have applied pf withdrawl on 16 sep 2017 now claim status shows amiunt settled via neft on 5/10/2017 but till now amount not credited in my account what to do

  2. Yuvraj singh

    Dear sir,
    I have applied for PF withdrawal online on 14th of sep17, it is showing it has been settled since 20th of sep and when I check the know your claim status it says ‘ Claim Form-31 has been settled but I never receive the payment till now. please help me.

    1. Rajesh Post author

      Hi Yuvraj Singh,
      Please visit your regional PF office along with your PF account number, they will give you the exact status of your claim.

  3. imran

    Thank you sir,

    i doubt why only Pf claim is settled and pension claim is not shown on status..

  4. imran


    I have applied for pf/eps withdrawal through Composite Non adhar form,

    I can see following status on claim status,
    – Claim form 19 for PF settlement for so and so account has been approved, payment is under process.

    Can you tell me , what about the 10c (Pension part)???

    is it telling about the whole pf/pension withdrawal amount or still eps amount is not processed?

    kindly reply with the same.

    1. Rajesh Post author

      Hi Imran,
      It will take some time, both PF and Pension will be deposited in to your bank account with in 2-3 days gap. First you will get your PF amount after that pension amount will be deposited in to your bank account.


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