Dussehra Leave Applications for Office

Dussehra leave applications for office

Most companies give a holiday as part of the Dussehra festival. As Dusshera is one of the largest festivals in India, employees working outside their hometown want to visit their native place during this time. For that, you may need additional leaves along with the … Read more

Which Function of HR Deals with the Acquisition of Manpower

HR manpower acquisition functions in recruitment

Manpower acquisition means planning the job requirements and recruiting the employees according to the company’s needs, it is one of the key functions of HR. Manpower acquisition begins by recruiting a candidate and ends by retaining the employee. Here is the list of HR functions that … Read more

How to Calculate Salary Per Day

One day salary calculation formula

To know the per day salary divide your salary by the total number of days in a month, and to know the monthly salary multiply the per day salary by the total number of paid days in a month.  Salary per day = Salary / … Read more

Can We Take Leave During Notice Period in India

Can I take leave during notice period

An employee can take leaves even during the notice period but the reason should be genuine, such as health issues of self or family members or sudden death of close relatives, etc. Until the reason seems honest employers approve the leave request.  But if an … Read more