Application for the Post of English Teacher with Resume

Application for the post of English teacher

Any graduate or post-graduate with good knowledge in English verbal or written skills can apply for English teacher Job, but having degrees like B.Ed,  BA English, and postgraduation like MA English will give an additional advantage. When you are writing an application for the post … Read More

Sample Application Letters for the Post of Teacher

How to write application for teacher job

A good job application easily catches the attention of the headmasters and principals and plays an important in shortlisting your profile and getting a call for the interview. You can write the teacher job application in different ways, but it should be simple, strong, and … Read More

Consolidated Pay Meaning in Salary

Consolidated salary:pay meaning

Consolidated pay means a total salary without any breakup, which means consolidated salary is not divided into salary components like basic wage, HRA, transport & medical allowances, etc. It can be paid on a weekly or monthly basis to the employees.  For example, if an … Read More

Supplementary Allowances Meaning in Salary (in India)

Supplementary Allowances Meaning in Salary

Supplementary allowances mean the extra allowances in the salary after calculating the employee basic wage, HRA, conveyance, & medical allowances, etc from gross salary. It is also called other allowances (or) special allowances. Employers do not have any statutory obligation to pay it and they … Read More