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Security guard resign letters in Word

Security Guard Resign Letters in Word Format

You are at the right place if you are working as a security guard and looking for a resignation letter. You … Read more
Hotel industry resignation letters in Word format

Simple Resignation Letter Formats for the Hotel Industry (Download Word)

If you work in the hotel industry and decide to resign, write a letter to your manager or boss. The resignation … Read more
Resignation letter due to marriage and relocation in Word Format

Marriage and Relocation Resignation Letters (Free Download Word!)

Employees especially women resign from jobs after marriage, due to relocation and other issues. If you are also planning to resign … Read more
Staff Nurse Resignation Letters

5+ Staff Nurse Resignation Letters (Download Word)

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Resignation letter due to low salary increment

Resignation Letter Due to Low Salary Increment (Samples)

Employees resign if they are not happy with the annual salary increments. Some companies offer very low salary increments of around … Read more
Free online job biodata maker with photo

Free Online Job Biodata Maker with Photo

If you are looking for a free online job biodata maker with a photo upload option, you can generate it easily … Read more
Dual employment in India rules

Is Dual Employment Legal in India

There is no straight answer as to whether dual employment is legal or not in India. It depends on the rules … Read more
Teacher resignation letter to principal for personal reasons

Teacher Resignation Letter to Principal for Personal Reasons

Teachers can resign due to personal reasons like marriage, health issues, family reasons, pursuing higher studies, etc. As a teacher, it … Read more
PF service overlap solution

Service Overlap in PF Solution

If an employee contributes PF in two companies in the same period, it will be considered as a service overlap. You … Read more