12K Means How Much Rupees?

12K means 12,000 Rupees. K is used to indicate a thousand in the salary (or in money). In India the currency is Rupees so the 12K means 12,000 Rs (₹). Similarly, in the US the currency is Dollars so there the  12K means 12,000 Dollars ($). 

Companies generally indicate salaries in 10k, 12k, 25K, 50K, 75K, 100k, 200k ….etc


“K” is used to denote the Kilo, Kilo means “thousand” as per the Greek language. Therefore, to indicate salaries companies use “K” in offer letters, appointment letters, and even when mentioning it. 

Why 1000 is written as K?

“K” is a short form for thousand. “K” stands for Kilo, which means thousand. For example, 1 KG of rice is equal to 1000 grams of rice. Likewise, in money, 1K pay means 1000 Rs. This is for the convenience of the employees as well as the company.


10K means how many rupees?

10,000 Rs (Ten thousand rupees).

Should I use capital “K” or small “K” while mentioning the salary?

You can mention both because It is not a case-sensitive symbol.  But I prefer using the capital “K” most of the time.

What is 100K means in money?

100K means One lakh because 100 thousand are equal to one lakh.

Can I mention salaries in thousands instead of using “K”?

Yes, you can do that. It is not mandatory to represent salaries always using K.

How to mention 1 Lakh salary?

It can be mentioned as 100K (or) 1,00,000 Rs (or) 1 Lakh.

What is 12K in Instagram?

12K on Instagram means 12,000. It is used to denote the number of followers. 12K followers mean twelve thousand followers.


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