3000 Rs Pension for Traders, Shop Keepers and Self Employed Persons

Here is good news for all the traders, shop keepers and self-employed persons in India that the central government has announced 3000 Rs pension for them after attaining an age of 60 years under Shramyogi Mandhan Yojna pension scheme.

As we all know these small business owners, traders and so many self-employed persons are making a significant contribution to the growth of Indian economy. Finally, the government has noticed their efforts and announced this new scheme. This scheme is going to benefit more than 3000 individuals.

Eligibility Criteria

  • In order to become eligible for this scheme, the age of the person should be in between 18-40 years.
  • This scheme is applicable to the shop keepers, traders and self-employed persons whose annual GST turnover is below 1.5 crores. So in order to become eligible for this scheme they need to file GST returns.
  • In order to get this monthly pension of 3000 Rs, the individuals need to pay 100 Rs every month and the same amount will be contributed by the central government into the subscriber’s pension account.

How to Apply for This Scheme

It is very easy to apply for this scheme, you just need to submit your Aadhar card and bank account details at the nearest common service center in your area. ( You can find your nearest common service center just by searching it in Google)

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