5 Things To Know About Accenture Referral Scheme

Employee referral is the best way to recruit new employees in any organization. Employee referral means recruiting new employees by taking the help of already working employees in the organization. Accenture is one of the largest management consulting company in the world. In India, there are nearly 1,30,000 employees are working with Accenture. Accenture involves their employees in the recruitment process and here you can find complete information about Accenture referral scheme.

What Is Accenture Referral Process

The recruitment team of Accenture has provided an option to already working employees to refer new employees. By doing this the time taking for recruitment of new employees will decrease and at the same time employees will also get the referral bonus so it will be a win-win situation for both employee and employer.

Accenture has a separate portal for employee referral scheme at employeereferralprogramme.accenture.com

Employees who are already working in Accenture need to login to the Accenture referral scheme with their organizational user account and password.

In case if they forgot their password then create a new password at my ID portal of Accenture

What Is Accenture Referral Bonus Amount

The employees of Accenture by whom the new employee are recruited, then some referral bonus will be given to them. The amount of Accenture referral bonus amount will vary with the levels of employment and skillsets of recruited employees. Accenture referral bonus will be paid within a quarter from the date of joining of the employee.

How To Refer A Person In Accenture Referral Process

The employees of Accenture can refer others at employeereferralprogramme.accenture.com

After login to the employee referral portal with enterprise ID and password, enter all the details of the job seeker like name, date of birth, address, educational details, previous employment details, and other required details.

After referring the employee the referrer will get a CID number which will be used to track the further status of the interview and a mail will also be sent to the email id of the referrer.

How To Get Referred In Accenture

Even though the job seekers don’t know anyone in Accenture still they can choose a referrer at Accenture Careers. Job seekers can check available jobs in Accenture Job Search Portal

Now click on desired job position and now click on get referred option. If you know anyone in Accenture then just enter their email id or you can use Linkedin to know the people who are already working in Accenture.

Other Benefits of Accenture Referral Scheme

Along with Accenture referral bonus amount the referrer will also get some prizes like watches, I pods, running shoes, gym bags and TVs based on the number of successful referrals. Hope the employees and job seekers will use Accenture referral scheme to get their dream job.

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