Accepted by Employer Pending at Field Office: What Does It Mean?

EPF members who have recently applied for modification or correction of basic details at UAN member portal can find this status that accepted by employer pending at field office. The reason for getting this message is your basic details modification request was accepted by your employer, but it is pending at PF field office. Once it is approved by the EPF field officer then the details of EPF members will be corrected. The second case is during PF transfer.

accepted by employer pending at field office

While applying for PF transfer we need to choose either previous employer or present employer to approve it. So first your employer will approve your PF transfer request, after that your PF transfer request has to be approved by your PF office. In that case, also you will find this message.

Accepted by Employer Pending at Field Office

Process Before and After “Accepted by Employer Pending at Field Office” for PF Basic Details Modification

EPF members who have incorrect details such as wrong name, wrong date of birth or aadhar number etc can correct their PF details either in offline by submitting PF joint declaration form to PF office (or) in online at UAN member portal.

Once EPF member applies for correction of  EPF details at UAN member portal then your employer will receive a message in that employer PF portal. Here your employer needs to approve your request with their digital signature of e-sign.

Accepted by Employer Pending at Field Office Means

Once your employer approves your basic details modification request in their employer PF portal then your request will be sent to your regional EPF office. Here it will take 10-15 days to approve your basic details request. In the meantime, you will get the status of your request as Accepted by Employer Pending at Field Office.

If everything is fine then the field officer will approve your request, if is there any further information or physical documents are required then your request will be rejected by the PF field officer. So, in general, it will take 15-30 days to complete the process of correction of EPF details.

How to Check PF Details are Corrected or Not

You can check whether your details are corrected or not by observing your EPF details in the member profile section of your UAN member portal.

Process Before and After “Accepted by Employer Pending at Field Office” for PF Transfer Request

When you apply for PF transfer then first your previous employer or present employer will approve it. After their approval, your request will be sent to your PF office and within 7-10 days then will approve your transfer request. Nowadays even within 2-3 days also EPF offices are approving PF transfer requests. Before approving your request you will see the above message.

But in some cases even after 30 days also the status will be remained as pending at field office, in that case, you need to raise a grievance at the PF portal. Once you raise a grievance at PF portal your problem will be mostly solved or the reason for delay will be intimated to you.

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  1. Am Changing my basic details and attached proper proof also, Accepted by employer but rejected at field office without any reason, but Remarks “OK”. Please give me any suggestions

    • Raise a grievance on the EPF grievance portal website, then you will know the reason for the rejection of your request.

  2. My PF name change requested at 4th June 2021. Still I am getting message “Pending at field office” Can you please suggest still how many days will take approval for this name change request.

  3. Hello Team,

    MY PF advance request rejected with below reason. Please suggest way forward.


  4. My transfer request has been approved by previous employer as well as also accepted by epfo field officer Last week, and previous employer balance is also shown in current pf account ,now how can I withdraw this amount ,how can I make a claim on this amount .
    Please guide me

  5. Once the approval by field office is done, will I be able to view and download the PF statements of the transferred-in PF accounts in the unified EPFO portal? I’m not able to view or download the PF statements of ‘PF account trust’ . Where can I find them?

  6. Hi sir /madam, i want to know what is my pf portel is showing. Accpted by the field office. The previous pf account is showing 0 balance and my current account did not show the credit amount please suggest to me whether it is pending with my previous office. I am confused then i sent an email to my previous office to know something pending on their side. But her response is very bad and shi misbehave with me. Shi did not help me .
    It has been over a month. The status is still showing as accpted by field office. I claimed for pf transfer on 25-2-2021 and today is 28-3-2021.
    Please suggest me.

    • While PF transfer process only PF amount will transfer, pension amount will transfer but will not be seen in new PF passbook, but you can withdraw it whenever you leave your present job.
      So once again check your recent company’s PF passbook and still if the amount was not transferred then raise a complaint on the EPF grievance portal, they will solve your problem.

  7. Hiii Good afternoon Sir/Ma’am
    My pf transferring status showing under process from 4 march at field office so How much time it will be taken from field officer please help sir

  8. Hi, My PF transfer request is accepted by field office, but after 7 working days, the amount debited from previous PF account has been refunded back to same account and but status is still showing as accepted by field office, can you pls help why the amount is not credited to new PF account.

    Note: previous employer is EPF account and current employer is trust.

    • Maybe your present employer declined it, they will ask for annexure K from your previous PF account.
      You can get your annexure K on the UAN member portal or by raising a request on the EPF grievance portal. But before that ask your present employer about this issue.
      (Annexure K is a PDF form that consists of your previous company PF details)

  9. “Accepted by field office” status is showing. Please suggest how long it will take to get the money transferred in my current PF account

  10. I am getting the information like : “Accepted by filed office” please suggest what action need to take.

    Whether it is pending with My previous office or Pending with Me for Any Info.

      • same question, Accepted by field office, its been 3 months, money has not been transferred. I cannot see old balance as it is a trust. In new org, i can see current balance but no amount been transferred.
        and in claim status on Passbook website it shows claim settled as 0 rs.

  11. Accepted by employer but pending at field office please any suggestions it was said with the current employer , but about the previous employer ,is it will be done automatically. pl help me


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