Accepted by Employer Pending at Field Office: What Does It Mean?

EPF members who have recently applied for modification or correction of basic details at UAN member portal can find this status that accepted by employer pending at field office. The reason for getting this message is your basic details modification request was accepted by your employer, but it is pending at PF field office. Once it is approved by the EPF field officer then the details of EPF members will be corrected. The second case is during PF transfer.

accepted by employer pending at field office

While applying for PF transfer we need to choose either previous employer or present employer to approve it. So first your employer will approve your PF transfer request, after that your PF transfer request has to be approved by your PF office. In that case, also you will find this message.

Accepted by Employer Pending at Field Office

Process Before and After “Accepted by Employer Pending at Field Office” for PF Basic Details Modification

EPF members who have incorrect details such as wrong name, wrong date of birth or aadhar number etc can correct their PF details either in offline by submitting PF joint declaration form to PF office (or) in online at UAN member portal.

Once EPF member applies for correction of  EPF details at UAN member portal then your employer will receive a message in that employer PF portal. Here your employer needs to approve your request with their digital signature of e-sign.

Accepted by Employer Pending at Field Office Means

Once your employer approves your basic details modification request in their employer PF portal then your request will be sent to your regional EPF office. Here it will take 10-15 days to approve your basic details request. In the meantime, you will get the status of your request as Accepted by Employer Pending at Field Office.

If everything is fine then the field officer will approve your request, if is there any further information or physical documents are required then your request will be rejected by the PF field officer. So, in general, it will take 15-30 days to complete the process of correction of EPF details.

How to Check PF Details are Corrected or Not

You can check whether your details are corrected or not by observing your EPF details in the member profile section of your UAN member portal.

Process Before and After “Accepted by Employer Pending at Field Office” for PF Transfer Request

When you apply for PF transfer then first your previous employer or present employer will approve it. After their approval, your request will be sent to your PF office and within 7-10 days then will approve your transfer request. Nowadays even within 2-3 days also EPF offices are approving PF transfer requests. Before approving your request you will see the above message.

But in some cases even after 30 days also the status will be remained as pending at field office, in that case, you need to raise a grievance at the PF portal. Once you raise a grievance at PF portal your problem will be mostly solved or the reason for delay will be intimated to you.

155 thoughts on “Accepted by Employer Pending at Field Office: What Does It Mean?”

  1. I have modified basic details with my after marriage name. So after approving basic detail modification request do we need to change PAN NAME and BANK NAME in EPFO KYC or it will automatically change.

  2. I have summited the request online for transfer from Old employer to new and the status of the same in EPFO portal is Accepted by employer -> pending at field office, In this case should I submit form 13 or should I wait. Please guide, I m trying in always to understand this.

  3. hi, my name is farha naaz ,before that the only mention name is farha so i corrected in aadhar and my name is changed to farha is approved by employer but still pending from lucknow field office .the request raised is on 27 th of september 2021

  4. HI, sir.

    i want to claim some amount from epf account, i tried to do the same before that i did merging of previous organization amount with present it was done successfully but for claiming it is showing your age or name or date birth was wrong in given details, but i was seeded all my aadhar and pan and accounts same as approved from my employers too(small issue here i was updated my aadhar residing address, it can be effect for raising claim now).

    • The address is not a matter. Once check your details like name, dob, gender on PF and AAdhar, if they mismatch then you will face this problem.
      Because while applying PF the details have to match, even though the KYC is linked to the PF account.
      If your PF details are wrong then correct them using the joint declaration form, for Aadhar correction visit the Aadhar enrollment center.

  5. Hi,

    My Latest status is as below, please anybody let me know what would be the next step.

    Accepted by DELHI (NORTH) field office
    Remark – OK

    Thanks & Regards,
    Ramya P

  6. My current status is reflecting is Accepted by Employer but pending at Field office, same status is showing from last 3 months. There is no status change from long.

    Please guide what to do for approval from field office? How to connect them. I am staying in Delhi and PF field office in Bandra Mumbai.

  7. My request for details updation is pending to field of office from 29july 2021.But last date for updation was 31 at July 2021. Will it be acepted after 31st July.

  8. I have already claimed my present pf now I have given transfer request for my previous employer will This process work for me because I have already claim my pf in present account

    • Yes, it will work, after transfer again withdraw PF from your present account. IF you face any problem while withdrawing their register a complaint on EPF grievance portal they will solve that issue.

  9. My PPF amount is approved by the Field Officer but it is not reflected in my last employer account nor my bank account. What should I do now? Should I wait?

  10. My transfer claim status says “Accepted by field office”.
    But amount got return to previous employer and now I am applying again it is showing Transfer claim request is already submitted for previous account.

    I am not able to start the transfer process again.

    Can you please tell me how to do it again ??

    • Actually, the amount will not return like that, so wait for 1 or 2 days, if the amount still reamins in your previous employer’s PF account then register a complaint on the EPF grievance portal.

  11. My transfer claim status says “Accepted by field office”.
    But I don’t see the older PF account details under “Service History”, nor I’m able to claim any amount.
    I still get the below error when attempted to claim – ” The bank account linked with this account is also linked with the following UANs : 100XXXXXXXX (with different demographic details). If these UANs are yours, then please get the basic details corrected in your other UANs and link them with your Aadhar for transfer of your accounts to the present one. If this bank account is not yours then please add your correct bank account and get it approved by the employer to avail online claim facility. ”

    Any thoughts if there are any issues or how long more it might take?

    • If your latest PF passbook showing transferred PF amount then you don’t need to worry about it, soon the service history will be updated.
      When it comes to bank details, if your bank account number is already linked to another PF account then you will get the above, either you have to delete those bank details associated with that UAN or update new bank details in your present PF account.

      • Thank you Rajesh!

        Well, bank account seems to be the issue. For your suggestions I tried removing bank details from prev account and I don’t see any option to do so.
        Secondly, I’m afraid I can’t remove the bank details from my current account and update it with a new one because that’s my salary account. Or the bank account in UAN is only for transferring the claim amount? Will that cause an issue if my salary account is different from the one in UAN? How shall I proceed?

        • You can add any of your bank account numbers, no need to add only salary account details.
          After updating new bank account details ask your employer to approve them, after approval, your new bank details will be activated and previous bank details will become deactivated.


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