Top 10 Best Books for HRM in India

There are so many good books are available in the market related to human resource management, which helps you gain a lot of knowledge in the field of HRM. Those books were written by both Indian authors and foreign authors, but irrespective of the author we should concentrate on how much we can learn from those books and how to implement the information acquired in books in real-life jobs.

If you are looking for top 10 human resource management (HRM) books then I have listed the top 10 best HRM books here, which will definitely help you in sky rocketing your HR career.

Top 10 Best HRM Books in India

1. Leaders Eat Last

This book was written by Simon Sinek. He is the author of one of the best sellers Start with Why. This book tells about the importance of leadership, and how to gain the trust of employees so that they will be more loyal to you. As an HR you must improve your leadership skills to deal with different kinds of employees in the organization, for that these books will definitely help you.

2. How to Win Friends and Influence People

This is one of my favorite book written by Dale Carnegie. It is a must-read self-help book for everyone to improve their interpersonal skills. This book deals with fundamental techniques of dealing with people, ways to make people like you, how to win people to your way of thinking, and how to change people without giving offense or arousing resentment.

3. The Toyota Way

This book was written by Jeffrey Liker. This book deals with how Toyota has become a successful organization and some practical ideas to develop businesses. By reading this book you can understand how to build a quality in workplace systems, how to eliminate huge costs and waste, how to turn every employee into a quality control inspector, and how to improve products and services, etc.

4. Who Moved My Cheese

This is no 1 international bestseller in business category books. This book was written by Spencer Johnson and Kenneth Blanchard. This book deals with the fear of change. If you also have a fear of change to new trends and new challenges then you must read this book. It can be helpful for both individuals and organizations. This book deals with how to live successfully in this rapidly changing world.

5. Performance Management Toward Organizational Excellence

This book was written by TV Rao, the chairman of T.V Rao Learning Systems Pvt Ltd and he was a professor at IIMA (Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad). This book deals with the performance analysis of the individual for the growth of the organization and various performance analysis tools. As a HR you have to know about how to do performance appraisal for that this book will be helpful to you.

6. Future of Human Resource Managment

This book was written by Mr. Raman Preet, the chairman and founder of the PIBM group of institutions. HRM is a dynamic field, there are a lot of changes are occurring in the field of HRM. This book deals with how HR professionals can deal with future challenges in the human resource field. In this book, the author has explained some real-life HRM challenges with case studies.

7. Managing Difficult People

This book was written by Marilyn Pincus. This book explains how to deal with different personality traits of individuals in the organization like procrastinators, the know it all, the silent type of people. By reading this book you will get knowledge of how to deal with difficult employees so that it will become easy for you to manage all the employees.

8. Turn the Ship Around

This book was written by L David Marquet, he is a top graduate of the US naval academy. This book deals with the story of building leaders by breaking the rules. This book deals with how to lead teams towards success and how to create a work environment where everyone takes responsibility for their actions.

9. Essentials of Organizational Behaviour

This book was written by Stephen P Robbins, from Stan Diego university. Organizational behavior is one of the most important topics in the human resource management field. This book deals with key organizational behavior (OB) concepts in an easy and understanding way. If you want to improve your knowledge related to organizational behavior then you can try this book.

10. Industrial Relations and Labour Laws

If you want to learn about some core topics about human resource management then this book written by S C Srivatsava will be the best choice for you. This book deals with industrial relations, trade unions, social security laws, minimum standards of employment, wages and occupational safety, and health & working conditions.

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