Best Hobbies & Interest Examples for Freshers in Resume

Hobbies and interests play an important role in grabbing the attention of the interviewer. If the recruiter finds your hobbies interesting then they will start asking questions about them. Therefore it helps in your conversation with the recruiter and if you are able to give reasonable explanations to your hobbies, then the chances of getting the job will increase.

Every individual has some hobbies or interests. Even though you are very serious about your profession but still you need to have some other hobbies and interests, a good hobby will reduce your stress levels and improve your productivity in the work and some hobbies will be useful at work as well.

There is no need to feel shy in mentioning your hobbies and interests in your resume or CV.

Difference Between Hobby & Interest

A hobby is something which you do regularly and are interested in which you prefer to do whenever you have free time. For example, drawing is a hobby, and learning about drawing is an interest. So both can be mentioned together in the resume.

you don’t need to mention hobbies and interests in the separate sections. of the resume or CV, you write both under one section such as “ Hobbies & Interests”.

Here is the list of best hobbies and interests which you can put in your resume.

50 Best Hobbies & Interests for Resume & CV

  1. Reading
  2. Blogging
  3. Drawing
  4. Painting
  5. Photography
  6. Videography
  7. Listening to music
  8. Singing / Karaoke/ Rapping
  9. Listening to podcasts
  10. Playing guitar/ drums/ Violin/ Piano etc.
  11. Playing Cricket / Foot ball / Badminton / Chess Etc.
  12. Playing video games
  13. Watching movies
  14. Traveling
  15. Cooking / Baking
  16. Volutntareeing in charity events
  17. Learning new languages
  18. Coding
  19. Programming
  20. Trekking / Hiking / Mountain climbing
  21. Dancing
  22. Stamp collection
  23. Currency collection
  24. Making vlogs on youtube
  25. Making Instagram reels.
  26. Journaling
  27. Meditation
  28. Practicing Yoga
  29. Teaching
  30. Learning new technologies
  31. Video editing
  32. Photoshop
  33. Gardening
  34. Mentoring
  35. Microblogging (Sharing thoughts on social media)
  36. Graphic design
  37. Digital marketing
  38. Story/script writing
  39. Copywriting
  40. Public speaking
  41. Writing poetry
  42. Fashion designing
  43. Animal rescuing
  44. Bodybuilding / Martial arts / Weight lifting
  45. Mimicry
  46. Interior designing
  47. Handicrafts making
  48. Trading
  49. Crypto mining
  50. Spending time in nature.

Tips to Mention Hobbies & Interest in Resume

  1. Be genuine about your hobbies and interests which you are putting in the resume.
  2. Always be ready to face the questions related to your hobbies and interests.
    For example, if your hobby is reading books then the next question will be what are your favorite books? (or) which book are you reading now? and what did you learn from that book?
  3. two to three hobbies and interests will be enough to put in the resume.
  4. If possible try to practice new hobbies and develop interests related to your profession but not mandatory.
  5. Always remember that hobbies and interests are the best way to communicate more with the recruiters. so consider them seriously before adding them to your resume or CV.

What are 3 Good Hobbies, Which Have Major Impact on Getting the Job?

  1. Blogging: When you have a blog related to your field of work, then it shows your authority and acts as proof of your knowledge & experience.
  2. Reading: Book reading helps to improve critical thinking and problem-solving skills. When you read more books then you will be definitely better than the other job seekers who don’t read any books.
  3. Coding & Programming: If you know coding and programming then you can give technological solutions to several general problems.


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