Car Driver Resume Formats in Word (Free Download)

Looking for the best driver resumes in Word formats? Here you can download them for free!

When preparing a driver resume format, you should highlight your relevant experience and skills. Before preparing your resume, read the job description carefully and modify your resume for each job you apply for.

 Below are a few of the best car driver resume formats in India, which are mainly prepared for car driver jobs in India. They will definitely help you get your job because they include every skill and experience detail that needs to be included in a driver’s resume.

Simple Driver Resume Format in India

Simple Driver Resume Format in India

Personal Car Driver Resume

Personal Car Driver Resume India Word free download

Light Driver Resume Format

Light Driver Resume Format Free download Word India

Simple Driver Biodata Format

Simple Driver Biodata Format Download Word

Skills Required for Driver Job:

  • Good driving skills
  • Knowledge of vehicle maintenance
  • Knowledge of using GPS and maps for navigation
  • Time management
  • Being alert and focused
  • Good communication & interpersonal skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Road safety
  • First Aid
  • Patience
  • Ability to work under pressure

How to Write a Good Driver Resume Format (Tips):

  1. Highlight Relevant Experience: Experience plays an important role in getting a driver job, so highlight your experience related to the job description you are applying for. List your major job responsibilities with relevant keywords in the experience section of the resume.
  2. Showcase Skills: Highlight key skills like safe driving, vehicle maintenance, and knowledge of using GPS and maps for navigation.
  3. List Certificates and Licenses: As a license is important for a driving job, mention that you are a licensed driver and specify the type of license. If you have any driving-related certifications, include them in the resume.
  4. Mention Education: Even if you have only completed high school, include it in the resume. You should also mention the languages you know. This separates you from other drivers who apply for the same job, as companies prefer drivers who have minimum education.
  5. Keep it Simple: Use a simple resume format; don’t use modern and fancy resumes. Use simple fonts like Arial, Calibri, Times New Roman, or Cambria in the resume.


1. Is a career objective statement or profile summary required in a car driver resume?

It is not mandatory, but including a career objective or profile summary statement is recommended in the car driver resume.

2. How do I highlight driving experience in my resume? 

Clearly mention the type of vehicle you have driven, the model of the vehicle, and the number of years of experience you have in driving.

3. What certifications and licenses should be listed in a car driver’s resume in India?

To become a car driver in India, you need a Light Motor Vehicle (LMV) driving license.

4. Should I mention my personal details like date of birth, nationality, and marital status in a car driver’s resume?

Yes, it is better to add them to your resume. Some employers may consider these details before hiring or calling for an interview.

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