Working Hours in India for IT Companies as per Law

Working Hours in India for IT Companies as per Law

The working hours in IT companies vary from one company to another company, the majority of the IT companies work on a shift basis. Whatever the shift that an IT company operates still they have to follow some legal working hours. Before knowing about working … Read more

Is Employment Bond Legal in India, Can I Agree It or Not

Is Employment Bond Legal in India or not

Whenever we listen to the word employment bond then it afraid us. There is a lot of misconception regarding employment bonds and it is one of the major barriers for new employees to accept a job offer. InĀ most cases, the companiesĀ are using this employment bond … Read more

12 HR Generalist Interview Questions You will Face Sure

HR Generalist Interview Questions

HR generalist job profiles require skills to deal with employees. Every HR generalist job profile involves duties like recruitment, payroll, labor laws, time office functions, performance appraisal, grievance redressal etc. So whenever a candidate appears for HR generalist job interview then he or she will … Read more

Full and Final Settlement Acceptance Letter From Employee

Here is a sample full and final settlement acceptance letter which will help you on how to give a reply to your employer regarding your confirmation towards the statement of the full and final settlement sent by your employer. Some employers ask for confirmation of … Read more