Application for the Post of English Teacher with Resume

Application for the post of English teacher

Any graduate or post-graduate with good knowledge in English verbal or written skills can apply for English teacher Job, but having degrees like B.Ed,  BA English, and postgraduation like MA English will give an additional advantage. When you are writing an application for the post … Read More

Sample Application Letters for the Post of Teacher

How to write application for teacher job

A good job application easily catches the attention of the headmasters and principals and plays an important in shortlisting your profile and getting a call for the interview. You can write the teacher job application in different ways, but it should be simple, strong, and … Read More

Short Sick Leave Emails to Boss for One Day

Sick leave email to boss for one day

If you are suffering from any illness and not in a position to attend your work then it is better to consult the doctor and at the same time, you need to take the rest to recover fast. But for that, you have to take … Read More

Simple 5 Days Leave Application for Office in Word

5 days leave application for office

Taking 5 days of continuous leave to work, one or two times a year is common for every employee. The reason includes personal reasons, the marriage of self or relatives, or health problems, etc. Here you can know how to write a simple 5 days … Read More