Warning Letter to Employee for Leave Without Permission

Warning letter for unauthorized absence

As per the company attendance policies being absent from work without a leave letter is an undisciplined act. Except in emergency cases, most of the time, the employers issue a warning letter to such employees asking for an explanation. If the employee repeatedly becomes absent … Read more

Job Application Letter for the Post of Accountant

Accountant job applications

If you are looking for an accountant job, a good job application along with your resume will be helpful to you. Your job application should be a short summary of your actual resume which mainly focuses on your accounting skills and experience. Here are some … Read more

Internship Experience Letter Templates in Word

Internship experience letters in Word

If a student completes an internship, then the company or the respective organization will issue a letter of experience indicating the details of the internship, tenure, and major contributions. These experience certificates will motivate the students and also help them during their job search process. … Read more

Leave Applications for Medical Checkup to Office

Leave application for medical checkup to office

If you (or) your family members are not feeling well and want to go to the hospital for a medical checkup, in that case, you can apply for a leave in your office. The sooner you recognize the problem, the sooner you can recover from … Read more