10+ Medical Fitness Certificates Download [Word & PDF]

Medical Fitness Certificates in Word Format

A medical fitness certificate is a document issued by the registered medical practitioner certifying the fitness of a person. For some private and government jobs it is mandatory to have both physical and mental fitness to perform the duties. For such jobs, the candidates need … Read more

What Should Be The Last Paragraph of a Job Application Highlights

The last paragraph of job application highlights

The last paragraph of your application should outline your value, abilities, expertise, passion and gratitude for reviewing your application. A good conclusion in a cover letter plays a significant role in attracting the attention of employers. The last paragraph of your job application is the … Read more

Sample Personal Loan Request Letter to Boss ( in Word Format)

Personal loan request letter to boss in Word format

Sometimes employees need personal loans for various purposes like the marriage of self (or) marriage of brother/sister (or) for house reconstruction/renovation or for education etc. Most companies will allow their employees to apply for personal loans, and the due amount will be deducted every month … Read more

Still Working Certificate Format for Nurses

Still working certificate formats for nurses

Still working certificate acts as proof that you are already working. As a nurse, you need it to apply for a new job without leaving the current job (or) to apply for bank loans/ telephone connection/gas connection/to apply for a passport, etc. Here are the … Read more

Sample HR Recruiter Resumes in Word Format | Download

Sample recruiter resumes in Word format

When you are preparing a resume for your next recruiter job position then you have to highlight your recruiting skills like screening, talent acquisition, strong communication skills, negotiating skills, etc.  Here you can find sample HR recruiter resumes in Word format for both freshers and … Read more