Paternity Leave Rules In India 2019

Paternity leave rules in India

There is a continuous discussion is going on providing paternity leaves to the male employees in private sector companies. But till now there is no improvement on those talks. Only central government employees are entitled to avail 15 days of paternity leave during confinement of their wife. We all know how … Read more

How To Deal With Sexual Harassment At Workplace

Sexual harassment at workplace is one of the biggest problems that majority of the women employees are facing in India, not only in India this is a common problem around the globe. In today’s generation, there is no difference in between female employees and male employees. Both are doing their … Read more

When To Start Maternity Leave Before Due Date

As per Maternity Benefits Act 1961, every woman employee will get 26 weeks of maternity leaves. Earlier only 12 weeks maternity leaves were given to every woman employee during pregnancy.  But there are so many women employees have a confusion that from which month of their pregnancy they are eligible … Read more

What Is Universal Wage Code Bill & When It Will Be Implemented

The minimum wages in India varies from one state to another state. Each state has its own policy in implementing minimum wages. In order to bring uniformity in wages of Indian employees The labour ministry of central government is going to announce the universal minimum wage Code bill 2017. The … Read more

What Is National Apprenticeship Training Scheme 2017

National apprenticeship training scheme

National apprenticeship training scheme 2017 provides an opportunity for students to get training in some of the best organizations where students can gain practical knowledge and skills. These organizations may be under central government, state government or private sectors. Here students can get complete details about what is national apprenticeship … Read more