Professional Tax Slab Rates State Wise in India 2020-21

Professional Tax Slab Rates in India

Here you can find state wise professional tax slab rates of each state in India for 2020-21 along with with their payment due dates, associated forms, and website details. Andhra Pradesh Professional Tax Details Assam Professional Tax Details Bihar Professional Tax Details Goa Professional Tax … Read more

Professional Tax Slab In Telangana 2019 | Due Date

Professional Tax Slab In Telangana

The professional tax in Telangana is applicable under the provisions of  Telangana professional tax act 1987. Here are the latest Telangana professional tax slab rates as per the Telangana tax on profession, trades, callings and employment act 1987 for the year 2019 and also find … Read more

Tamil Nadu Professional Tax Slab 2018-19

Tamil Nadu professional tax online payment

Here is the revised professional tax slab in Tamil Nadu 2018-2019, which are in effect from 1 April 2018. In Tamil Nadu, the professional tax will be paid for every 6 months (half yearly). every salaried individual and self-employed professionals in Tamil Nadu have to … Read more

How to Calculate Professional Tax on Salary in India

Professional tax is the tax that will be levied on salaried employees and other professionals like chartered accountants. lawyers, doctors, and other professions. If you want to know how to calculate professional tax on salary in India then you must know some important points about … Read more

Professional Tax Payment Due Dates State Wise In India

Due dates for payment of professional tax state wise in India

Here are the due dates for payment of professional tax of all states in India which will help you in making professional tax payments at the right time. Professional Tax Payment Due Dates Of All States In India S No State Periodicity Professional Tax Payment … Read more

Due date of payment of professional tax in West Bengal 2018-19

Professional tax in West Bengal 2018-19

As per the West Bengal state tax on professions, trades, callings and employments act 1979 every salaried employee and self-employed persons such as lawyers, doctors, chartered accountants etc. have to pay professional tax to the West Bengal state government. The slab of professional tax in West … Read more