Request Letter to Increase PF Contribution

Request Letter to Increase PF Contribution

There are two reasons to write an application to the employer to increase PF contribution, one is when your basic salary is increased but still, your employer is calculating PF on your old basic wage and the second reason is when you want to contribute for voluntary provident fund. In … Read more

Full and Final Settlement Letter & Email to HR

Full and Final Settlement Letter to HR

Whenever an employee resigns to his or her job then the employer has to clear all the pending dues of the employee, this process is known as full and settlement process. In order to get full and final settlement from the employer, employees need to submit no due certificate. Employees … Read more

Sample Warning Letter To Employee For Poor Attendance

Poor attendance is one of the major problems that majority of the employers are facing with their employees. The employee who doesn’t have punctuality in his work won’t get success, so finally, it affects the productivity of the organization. So it is the responsibility of every employer to educate their … Read more