4.5 CTC In Hand Salary Per Month

4.5 CTC In Hand salary per month

For a salary of 4.5 CTC in-hand salary is ₹32,000 – ₹33,000 after all deductions like EPF, health insurance, professional tax, etc. If your salary is mentioned as 4.5 LPA, then your in-hand salary will be around ₹34,000 to ₹35,000 after deductions. If your salary … Read more

3 LPA Means How Much Inhand Salary Per Month

3.5 LPA in hand salary per month

For 3 LPA salary, your gross salary will be ₹25,000, and your in-hand salary will be around ₹22,000 to ₹23,000 after all deductions. The common deductions are EPF, health insurance premium, professional tax, etc. 3 LPA stands for Three Lakh Rupees Per Month. It is … Read more

How to Calculate Salary Per Day

One day salary calculation formula

To know the per day salary divide your salary by the total number of days in a month, and to know the monthly salary multiply the per day salary by the total number of paid days in a month.  Salary per day = Salary / … Read more

12K Means How Much Rupees?

12K means how much rupees

12K means 12,000 Rupees. K is used to indicate a thousand in the salary (or in money). In India the currency is Rupees so the 12K means 12,000 Rs (₹). Similarly, in the US the currency is Dollars so there the  12K means 12,000 Dollars … Read more

Consolidated Pay Meaning in Salary

Consolidated salary:pay meaning

Consolidated pay means a total salary without any breakup, which means consolidated salary is not divided into salary components like basic wage, HRA, transport & medical allowances, etc. It can be paid on a weekly or monthly basis to the employees.  For example, if an … Read more

Supplementary Allowances Meaning in Salary (in India)

Supplementary Allowances Meaning in Salary

Supplementary allowances mean the extra allowances in the salary after calculating the employee basic wage, HRA, conveyance, & medical allowances, etc from gross salary. It is also called other allowances (or) special allowances. Employers do not have any statutory obligation to pay it and they … Read more