Acknowledgement Email to Confirm Receipt of Documents

Whenever we receive some documents from others either through courier or through speed then we need to acknowledge them. So that the sender of the documents will know that the documents were sent successfully. In the majority of cases, these acknowledgment copies will … Read more

Manpower Requisition Form Sample | Vacancy Requisition Form

Manpower Requisition Form Sample

What is manpower requisition form: Manpower requisition form is a physical letter format submitted to the higher authority of the organization┬áregarding vacant positions in an organization. Simply manpower requisition form means a request form to hire a new employee for a vacant position. … Read more

Letter to Inform Staff of Employee Termination

Terminating an employee is really a very sad thing in any organization, but it in some cases due to the poor performance of the employee or absenteeism etc employees will get terminated by their employer. Here we are not discussing the termination process … Read more