What is Employee ID Number Format & How to Create

Employee ID number format

An employee number is a unique identifying number assigned to the employee. There is no fixed format for creating employee numbers. You can use all digits (or) a mix of alphabets and digits. E.g., 4565011 (or) HDFC0123. There is no limit on the … Read more

Subject Lines of Job Application Email [Examples]

Job application email subject lines

Recruiters receive hundreds of e-mails a day, and sometimes they don’t even check them unless there really is an urgent vacant position in the company. As a job seeker, you must do everything to get the attention of the recruiters while sending your … Read more

Thanks Mails for Offer Letter Accepted

Job offer thank you emails

Thanking the HR (or) hiring manager is the first step towards reaching out to your new employer. You can also request other details such as the date of joining and required documentation, etc through the thank you mail. The thank you message should … Read more

Promotion Congratulations Emails to Colleagues & Boss

Promotion Congratulation Messages

When an employee gets a promotion he/she should be appreciated for their hard work and dedication. It is a social etiquette to share your happiness, especially in the workplace. Congratulation messages should be done in a very polite and professional way. A professional … Read more

Sample Letters of Recommendation for Student

Recommendation letters for students

Students need recommendation letters to apply for jobs, higher studies, and scholarships. Recommendation letters can be provided by teachers, professors, and employers. Recommendation letters can be of two types, 1. Academic recommendation letters and 2. Professional recommendation letters. An academic recommendation letter will … Read more

Warning Letters for Careless in Work ( in Word Format)

Warning letter to employee for carelessness

Companies issue warning letters to employees who fail to follow their superiors’ instructions (or) company procedures. A warning letter is a formal way for the employer to notify the employees of their negligence in the workplace. If the employee does not rectify the … Read more