What is Cessation (Short Service) in EPF

Cessation is the widely used option to update the date of exit reason in EPF. In brief, the meaning of cessation is when an employee resigns or absconds from the job then he can update his date of exit by mentioning the reason as cessation, cessation means short service. Once the date of exit is updated with the reason of Cessation (Short Service) then EPF members can withdraw their full PF amount after 2 months from the date of exit.

What is Duration of Cessation (Short Service) in PF

There is no duration limit to update exit reasons with the reason cessation or short service. Even the employee works for one day still he can update his date of exit with a reason for cessation.

But if the total service of the emmployee is below 6 months then he can withdraw only PF amount not pension amount. To withdraw pension amount employees must have minimum 6 months service.

Is Cessation and Termination are Same

As per meaning they are not same, but still when an employer terminates an employee then they can use this option to update their date of exit.

Except in case of retirement or supernnuation or permanent disablement or death employee in remaining cases the reason of exit should be cessation (short service)

How to withdraw PF After Cessation

After 2 months from the date of exit the EPF members can withdraw their PF amount online at UAN member portal.

To withdraw their PF amount they need to submit a form called form 19 and to withdraw their pension contributions they need to submit a form called form 10C.

After submitting these forms online at UAN member portal they will get their PF amount into their bank account with in 20 days.

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