How To Change ESIC Dispensary Address In Online

Employee State Insurance schemes is one of the best social medical security scheme for all the employees whose monthly gross salary is less than 21000 Rs. ESIC dispensary is the place where insured persons and their family members will get treatment under ESIC scheme. Here you can know about how to change ESIC dispensary Address online. But before that we have to know some basic important points about ESIC dispensary.

When Will Employee Need To Change ESIC Dispensary :

Employees need to change ESIC Dispensary when they change their home, when they change their jobs and when they transfer to new places. Recently Employees State Insurance Corporation has introduced One IP Two ESIC Dispensaries Scheme. As per this scheme every employee in ESIC scheme will be eligible to have two ESI dispensaries, so even insured person works in different place both he and his family members can avail ESIC benefits.

Who Are Eligible To Change ESIC Dispensary Address :

Only employer can able to change ESIC dispensary address in employer portal. Employees can’t able to change their ESIC dispensary, whenever they want to change their ESIC dispensary then they have to contact their employer to change ESIC dispensary in employer portal.

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How To Change ESIC Dispensary Address

In order to change ESIC dispensary of an insured person first login to ESIC employer portal with employer user id and password.  Now click on update IP details under employee.

how to change esic dispensary address

Now enter IP number of insured person,name of insured person and click on search. Now we will get employee details on the screen, now we have to click on edit option.

how to change esic dispensary address

Now click on name / dipensary details which appears on top right side of the page. After clicking on this we will get new page asking for dispensary for insured person and dispensary for family members. Here select two dispensaries and click on update.

how to change esic dispensary address

If you can’t able to find your ESIC dispensary in your desired location then select IMP ( Insurance Medical Practitioner) option and choose your nearest ESIC doctor in your desired location.

64 thoughts on “How To Change ESIC Dispensary Address In Online”

  1. why it is always showing ” Request for Change of Dispensary/IMP has been already submitted and Pending for Approval “how can i change my dispensary please kindly give reply

  2. Hello Sir/Madam
    My employer not sopporting to change my dispensary as per my request,
    I came to know that any other option to get changed dispensary from my side (Employee)

    • Hi Genesha,
      Only your employer can change your ESI dispensary, as an employee you cannot change it yourself. So pls request your employer to change it, it is a simple process.

  3. why it is always showing ” Request for Change of Dispensary/IMP has been already submitted and Pending for Approval “how can i change my dispensary please kindly give reply

  4. Iam using Mozilla 3.5.2 older version but when I want to update my employees dispensary showing “Request for Change of Dispensary/IMP has been already submitted and Pending for Approval”
    Who will approve the pending and how much time will take?

    • Hi Mohammad,
      It will be updated by your regional ESIC office, you need to wait for some time or contact them through mail or directly.

      • Hello,
        I am change My Dispensary Address 2 Times Due to the District Change. But Now I want To change it Again Where I currently Working. but They Told Me that u can not Change it again only because of GR of Government. Kindly help me.

  5. I have my esic no. & i have to make claim but dispencary not updated so they are telling me update dispencary through your employer but i left the compny 1 month ago so they denied to update so how can i update dispencery. Pls. Reply.

    • Hi Vaibhav,
      Either you have to request your previous employer or you can change it when you join a new company. I don’t know why your previous employer is not updating your dispensary, if they haven’t deleted your IP from their employer ESI portal then they can update it, it is not a big issue.

  6. Hello sir,
    I have changed my dispensary and after submitting it was showing, (Request for change of dispensary/IMPORTANT has been submitted and pending for Approval)..
    Now who will Approve the update request and how long it will take. Please tell me sir..

  7. once we confirmed dispensary name for both employee & family at a time as same address . After we can change the dispensary name for family but whereas we could not change empoyee dispensary name .How to edit the dispesary name for employee

  8. Sir my dispensary is not available in the list what should I do please tell me can esi dispensary can change my dispensary. My nearest esi dispensary is available but online not available.

  9. Hello sir,
    I need to use my ESIC benefits. I want to know what the starting process and I have my ESIC number. But there have my nearest dispensary given very far it’s azadpur Delhi and m live mayur vihar Delhi. First Please tell me what the process for using this benefits on my family member also.


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