7 Things Do If Company is Not giving Experience & Relieving Letters

If you didn’t abscond from your job (or) if you weren’t terminated due to any illegal or fraudulent activities then you can complain at your nearest labour department or you can also send a lawyer notice to the employer for not giving your experience and relieving letters.

But if you absconded from your job or didn’t serve the notice period then it is difficult to get the experience & relieving letters. 

7 Things to do If Company is Not Giving Experience & Relieving Letter

  1. Try to scare your employer that you are going to contact a lawyer or labour department office. (If the problem is not from your side)
  2. Send a lawyer notice (or) complain to the labour department about the issue.
  3. Use your payslips to prove your previous job experience in your new job.
  4. Try to get a job in a company where the experience certificate is not mandatory.
  5. Meet the head of the company and request him/her to issue your experience & relieving letters. 
  6. If you have very short experience then you can start your career as a fresher.
  7. Finally tell the truth to your new employer that why you left your previous job.

How to Get Experience or Relieving Letter without Serving the Notice Period

Instead of absconding, talk with your employer and request them to relieve without serving the notice period.  Don’t talk with the HR department, try to talk directly with the management, If they agree then everything will become easy.

Sometimes you have to pay the compensation for not serving the notice period, it is up to you to accept it or not.

If your company doesn’t need your services then they will relieve you without any notice period, so analyze your situation and discuss with your employer.


Can companies deny experience certificates?

Yes, companies can deny giving it, if the employee absconds or commits any illegal or fraudulent activities.  

Is a work experience letter mandatory?

For some jobs it is mandatory and for others is not mandatory, It depends on where you are going to join. 

Why should I need an experience certificate?

It is required to get a better position and a better salary in your new job.

Can I join an MNC without relieving and experience letters?

For MNCs, it is difficult to join without relieving & experience letters, but you can join as a fresher. 

How does HR verify experience letters?

They will do a background check by calling your previous employer to verify your experience.

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