Contract Employee Offer Letter Samples in India

Whenever you are hiring employees on a contract basis then you have to issue an offer letter to those employees. The offer letter should consist of the job positions, tenure of the work, and salary details.

While preparing the offer letter it is important to mention that the employees are recruited based on a contract basis.

Contract Employees Offer Letter Sample 1


The Employee name,


Sub: Offer Letter.

Dear Mr./Ms.____________(Employee Name),

We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected to work at _____________(company name) as __________(designation).

You are recruited on a contract basis and the contract will be valid up to six months commencing from _________ (date of joining).

The company has full right to terminate you with or without cause, and with or without notice during the contract period. You will be paid with a monthly salary of _______ Rs. (amount in Words).  

Please sign and submit this letter to confirm your acceptance of this job offer.

Looking forward to working with you.

For the Company Name,

Authorized Signatory.

Contract Employee Offer Letter Sample 2


The Employee Name,


Sub: Employment by _________(Company name)

Dear Mr./Ms._________,

Congratulations! We are excited to offer you the position of _______________(Designation) at _______________(company name). Your salary will be __________ Rs per month.

Your working hours will be from ____ am to ___ pm, and you will have six working days each week.

Kindly note that this role is on a contract basis, and your employment will commence from _____ to __________. 

Please sign a copy of this letter and submit it to the HR department as a confirmation of your joining.

Looking forward to working with you.

Yours sincerely,

Authorized Signatory.

Contract Employee Offer Letter Sample 3


The Employee Name,


Sub: Offer letter for the position of __________ (Designation).

Dear Mr./Ms. ___________,

We are pleased to offer employment at _____________(company name) as __________(designation) on contract basic commencing from __________ to _______.

Your monthly salary is ________ Rs with statutory deductions like PF and ESI.

You will have a total of six working days every week and your shifts will be decided by the supervisors.

Your performance will be reviewed at the end of the contract period, based on your performance the management will make a decision to hire you or not on regular basis.

Looking forward to collaborating with you.

For The Company Name,

Authorized Signatory.

How to Write a Contract Offer Letter

  1. Mention the letter issuing date on the top right side of the letter.
  2. Address the letter to the Employee.
  3. Put subject line as offer letter (or) Employment by ___________ (company name).
  4. Write the details of the job such as designation, department, contract period and salary details, etc.
  5. Clearly mention that the employment is on a contract basis.
  6. Add any other terms and conditions as per your company requirements.
  7. Ask the candidate to sign and submit the letter as a confirmation of accepting the job offer.
  8. Take the print of the letter on the company letterhead.
  9. Sign the letter by the authorized person and send it to the employee.


Who will give the offer letter to the contract employees,  company (or) contractor?

If the company is hiring the contract employees directly then the company has to give the offer letter.

If employees are working under the contractor then the contractor has to issue the offer letter.

Is it mandatory to pay the PF and ESI to contract employees?

Yes, PF and ESI should be paid to the contract employees as well.

If the employees are recruited through a contractor then that contractor has to pay the PF and ESI to the employees. 

And Employer has to check regularly whether the contractor is paying or not.

What to do if my contractor is not paying PF and ESI to the contract employees?

Hold the payments and until the contractor pays the pending PF and ESI contributions and ask him to show the payment receipts.

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