Date of Exit is Less than 2 Months from Today or Total Service is Less than 6 Months Meaning in EPF

EPF members whose total PF contribution service is less than 6 months will generally get the above message while checking their PF claim status. Here the PF contribution means the no of the months that an employee contributes to the EPF scheme. There is no minimum contribution service is required to withdraw your PF amount but in order to withdraw your pension amount, EPF members need a minimum 6 months service.

In simple words to withdraw PF form 19 amount, there is no minimum contribution service is required. (12% of employee contribution + 3.67% of employer contribution). Even for one month also EPF members can withdraw their PF contribution.

But to withdraw form 10C pension amount minimum 6 months of EPF contribution service is required (8.33% of employer contribution).


So whenever your claim is rejecting due to the date of leaving is less than 2 months then it means you cannot able to withdraw your pension amount. In that case, you can transfer that amount when you join a new job.

And remember when you transfer pension, the amount will not transfer only the service period will transfer to a new EPF account. It will be used to calculate your monthly pension amount after 58 years of your age.

Read this to know more details about why the pension amount does not transfer during the PF transfer process.

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