Solution: Details of Previous Account are Different than Present Account During PF Transfer

The main reasons for the error is “Details of previous account are different than present account, Hence claim request cannot be processed” is your date of exit. If there is no date of exit for your previous PF account then you will get this error. Now EPF members can update their date of exit without employer help in UAN member portal.

Once you update your date of exit in PF portal for your old PF account, then mostly your problem willbe solved.

Details of previous account are different than present account, Hence claim request cannot be processed

Other Reasons for This Problem

Other reasons for this error are the differences between the details present in your previous PF account and current PF account.

Generally, this problem arises for EPF accounts which have created before mandatory submission of Aadhar for PF number generation. At that time employers have generated PF numbers and UAN numbers without giving proper information of employees.

But at present every UAN number is generated based on the information present on the Aadhar card. Now this example will clear your doubt.

For example, an employee wants to transfer his PF from his previous PF account to new PF account, both have same UAN, but his previous employer entered his name as K Eswar and current employer registered him as Konuru Eswar in PF portal. So this small difference also not allow the employee to transfer his PF amount.

In the same way, the difference in date of birth, father name, gender will also cause this error.

But before confirming this problem you must check:

  1. Whether your KYC details are linked with your UAN number or not.
  2. Whether DOE (Date of Exit)  is mentioned for your previous PF account or not.

Because the above are the minimum requirements for online PF transfer

PF online transfer requirements

How to Check Mismatch of Details in Previous PF Account and Current PF Account

1. If you have different UAN numbers linked to both the PF numbers then you can check your details online by login at UAN member portal and further going to profile section.

Details of previous account are different than present account Solution

2. If your both PF account numbers are linked to same UAN then you can check only your present PF account details at UAN member portal. But you can check your name in previous PF account by downloading your PF passbook. Because you can get separate PF passbooks for all the PF accounts. But to know your other details like DOB, father details, the gender you need to contact your previous employer who created that PF account.

PF passbook for Two accounts

Solution: Details of Previous Account are Different than Present Account Problem

Here I have listed Three possible solutions, which may help you for successful PF transfer.

Solution 1: Transfer your PF amount Offline

Hence the online system is not allowing to transfer your PF amount due to the mismatch of details present in previous PF account and new PF account, you need to submit PF transfer form 13 to PF office for transferring your PF amount.

When you submit transfer form offline then these small errors will not cause any problem. PF officials manually check your details and in case of minor errors, they will ignore them and transfer your PF amount to your current PF account.

Solution 2: Withdraw PF and Pension Amount From the Previous Account

If you are in need of money, then you can avail this solution. But remember you cannot able to withdraw your PF amount online from previous PF account (If you have Two UANs then you can do that).

So, in this case, submit EPF composite claim form Aadhar or Non-Aadhar and write your previous PF account number on that and submit it to PF office along with a canceled cheque or bank passbook copy.

Solution 3: Correct your PF Details

If your previous PF account details are not correct then you can correct them by submitting the PF joint declaration. You need to write your PF number and UAN on the top side of this form and submit it to your PF office through your previous employer.

PF joint declaration form

If your present PF account details are wrong then you can correct your PF details online at UAN portal or in offline by using PF joint declaration form.

After submitting this form to PF office within 30 days your PF details will be corrected. After correction, you can transfer your PF amount.

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