What Is The Disciplinary Action Against Absconding Employee

It is common in every organization that some employees will abscond from their work without intimating the employers. There may be so many reasons behind employee absconding.  The reasons may include the uninterest of employee to do the job, not liking the working culture of the organization or fear of employee to tell the employer that he doesn’t like the job etc. But every absconded employee will think about what is the disciplinary action against absconding employee.

Disciplinary Action Against Absconding Employee

Disciplinary Action Against Absconding Employee:

There is no separate employee absconding policy in India, when an employee leaves the organization without intimation then it is better to leave him. But when the employee holds company properties and he or she doesn’t return then the employer can take a legal action against the employee.

Generally when an employee absconds then the employer needs to identify the root cause of absconding and if the employee retention rate is very low then they have to change their employee retention policy.

Before removing the absconded employee in attendance records employer needs to send a termination letter to the employee either through a mail or through courier.

Here are some actions that employer can take against the absconded employee:

  • Employer will not provide relieving letter and experience certificate when an employee leaves without intimation.
  • Employer can hold the full and final settlement of the employee until the response from the employee.
  • Employer will give the negative feedback during reference check of the absconded employee from the new employer.
  • If the employee doesn’t return company properties like laptop, vehicle, mobile etc then the employer can take legal action against the employee.

The major doubt for most of the absconded employees is will the employer holds their PF amount. At present employees can withdraw their PF amount online, so it is not possible to hold the PF amount of employees.

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