What is the Due Date for Axis Bank Credit Card Payment

If you are an Axis bank credit card holder then paying dues at the right time will save you from penalties and it also improves your CIBIL score. The due date to pay the Axis bank credit card is not the same for everyone. In order to know the due date of your Axis bank credit card, you need to understand the billing cycle of credit cards.

The due date of Axis bank credit card payment is 20 days from the date of generating your credit card bill statement. On or before the 20th day you need to pay your credit card dues.

Axis bank credit card bill payment due date

Let me explain it with an example if the credit card statement generated on 12 June 2020 then the due date will beĀ  2 July 2020.

Similarly, if the statement generated on 15 September 2020 then the due date will be 5 October 2020.

Billing cycle means the time period from which date to which date your credit card bill statement generates, it includes 30 days. In general, the billing cycle starts from the date on which your credit card becomes activate.

For example, if your credit card became activated on 20th June then your credit card billing cycle will start from 20th June 2020 and ends on 19 July 2020 and again it starts from 20 July 2020 and ends on 18 August 2020 ( Because July consists 31 days) and the cycle will continue like this…

Your credit card statement will be generated on the last date of your billing cycle. In this example, the statement will be generated on 20 July 2020. ( If this date is Sunday or Saturday then the statement will be generated before 2 days)

How to Know your Axis Credit Card Billing Cycle Easily

Download your axis credit card bill statement from axis internet banking or you can also get your statement on every month to your email id. In that statement, you can clearly observe from which date to which date the statement generated and also the date of generating the statement.

Now within 20 days, you have to make your axis bank credit card bill payment from the date of statement generation.

How to download Axis bank credit card statement online?

  • Login in your Axis internet banking dashboard with your user id and password.
  • Now click on credit cards, then you will see your credit card number.
  • Just below your credit card number, you can see an option called view statement. Now click on it.
  • Now again click on statements and select the month for which you want to download the statement and get your statement.
  • The password to open your Axis credit card statement is the first 4 letters of your name and last 4 digits of your credit card number.

Example: RAJE1234

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