EE Balance & ER Balance Meaning in PF

In PF EE balance means “Employee PF Contribution” and ER balance means “Employer PF contribution”, if you sum these two balances then you will know your total PF balance in your PF account.

ee balance in pf

Every month both employee and employer will pay the PF, employee pays 12% from his basic salary and the employer will also pay 3.67% from their own money. These two amounts will be deposited into the employee PF account.

Here is an example:

Employee Basic wage EE Balance 12% on Basic WageER Balance 3.67% on Basic  WageTotal PF Contribution
10,000 Rs1200 Rs367 Rs1567 Rs

Can We Withdraw EE and ER Balance 

Yes, you can withdraw employee share and employer share of PF contributions. There are two ways you can withdraw these amounts.

If you are currently working then you can apply for PF advance by using PF advance claim form 31, and if you have left your job then you can withdraw your total PF amount by submitting PF withdrawal form 19.

The amount of PF advance which you are eligible to withdraw depends on the reason for the PF advance.  Whereas if you left your job then you can withdraw full PF after 2 months from your last working date.

EE & ER Balance Withdrawal Limit for Various PF Advance Reasons

PF advance ReasonEligible Amount
Illness6 times of employee basic wage (or) ee balance whichever is less.
Outbreak of Pandemic Covid 1975% of total ee+er balance (or) last 3 months basic wage whichever is less.
For house construction 36 times of basic wage.
Marriage of self or family members (brother/sister/son/daughter)50% of ee balance.
No work due to power cut1 month’s basic wage.
For a physically handicapped person to Purchase their equipment.6 times of employee basic wage (or) ee balance whichever is less.

Can I Transfer my EE and ER Balance to my new PF account ?

Yes, you can transfer booth EE and ER shares online on the UAN member portal. Whenever you change your job then you can transfer your previous company PF amounts to the new company’s PF account (it is recommendable).

How to check EE & ER Balance from Another Phone

You can check your employee and employer PF share from any phone if you have the PF registered mobile number with you, otherwise, you can know your ee & er balance on the EPF passbook portal by downloading your latest PF passbook.

What is Employer Pension Contribution

In the above example, the employer paid only 3.67%, but along with this amount, they will also pay a pension contribution, which is 8.33% on the basic wage of the employee. So overall employers will also contribute 12%.

You can check your pension contribution in the last column of your PF passbook. You can transfer this amount whenever you join a new job (or) you can also withdraw this amount if your total service is less than 10 years.

If your service crosses above 10 years then you will become eligible for a monthly pension after 58 years of your age.

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