Employee Background Verification Forms in Word & PDF | Free Download

Whenever a company decides to appoint an employee then they will ask that employee to fill and submit a background verification form. On this form, the employee needs to fill in his previous job details, education details, address, etc.

After successful verification of background, only the appointment of the employee will be confirmed. 

Download sample background verification forms in PDF and Word Format.

Employee Background Verification Format 1

Employee Background verification form

Employee Background Verification Format 2

Employee Background verification form 2

How to Fill Background Verification Form

  1. Filling backgorund verification, keep your educational certificates, work experience certificates and relieveing letters (if any) with you while filling.
  2. Write correct details, don’t mis represent any false information, it will lead you negative impresssion.
  3. Write your full name and date of birth as per your educational certificates.
  4. Your current and previous work experience details are too important in back ground verification, so fill those details with utmost care.
  5. After filling the background verification form, reverify it once again and sign in declaration field.

Note: If possible intimate your previous companies’ reporting manager about your background verification.

Which Documents are Required Along with Background Verification Form

  1. ID Proof and address proofs of the employee such Aadhar, PAN, voter ID, passport copies etc.
  2. Copies of all educational certificates.
  3. Experience certificates from previous employers.
  4. Salary slips from last employer.
  5. Passport size photos.

Which Details Should be Filled on Background Verifiation Form

1Employee Personal Details like full name, dob, father’s name, gender, nationality, etc
2Residential address details: Both current and permanent address details. (If both are the same then mention the same details)
3Highest qualification details of the employee (College name, address, affiliated university name, and academic years)
4Last worked employer details like name of the company, address, salary, work tenure, reporting manager name, and contact details.
5All previous employers’ details with whom the applicant has worked.


How do companies do background verification?

The basic background verification will be done by HR, by calling your previous employers. And nowadays companies are using specialized softwares for background verification. 

What happens if an employee mentions wrong details on the background verification form?

You may lose your job and companies will put you on the backlist so that you can’t apply for jobs in that company.

Will companies really do background verification?

Yes, most companies will do background verification.

How many days will it take for background verification to complete?

Background verification will be done within 1-2 days.

What causes Red Flag on a background check?

Any false representation of previous employment details such as work experience or salary details leads to the red flag.


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