Employee Referral Email to HR Sample (to Refer a Friend or Family Member)

Some companies allow employees to refer candidates for the job openings and even if your company doesn’t have such a policy still you can refer suitable candidates for the job openings after talking with your HR department.

Internal communication with employees is one of the best ways to let the employees know what kind of job openings are there in the organization, and what skills and knowledge is required for those jobs.

Employee referrals reduces hiring cost to the employers and mostly it saves time to the HR department.

Important Points to Remember Whenever you are referring a person 

  1. Make sure that the person doesn’t damage your image in the company, once he or she gets hired.
  2. Before writing a referral email take a confirmation from your HR department that the job position is still vacant or not.
  3. Get some basic knowledge about the responsibilities of the job and analyze yourself that the referred person is suitable for that position or not.
  4. Mention how you know them and from when you know them.
  5. Try to emphasize two or three valuable skills of the referred person which suits the job opening.
  6. Mention their contact information align with their resume.

Sample Employee Referral Email to HR

Format 1

Sub: Referring Mr/Ms__________ for the position of _______

Dear _______,

As I discussed with you in telephone I would like to refer my friend Mr/Ms _____________ for the position of ________________. 

I have known him/her for the last 2 years since my college days, I hope he/she has the required skills and qualifications that you are looking for.

Please find the attached resume of him/her and kindly consider if he/she is suitable for the job.

Thanking you.


Your name.

Format 2

Sub: Reference to Mr__________ for ______ position.

Dear ____________.

Here I would like to refer to my friend and my ex-colleague Mr. _________________ whom I’ve known for the last 3 years. He has 3 years of experience as a maintenance manager.

Due to the recent recession he lost his job and is looking for a new job. I hope his experience and qualifications will be suitable for this job.

Please find his profile and let him know if he suits this job.

Thanking you.


Your name.

Format 3 (to Refer family member)

Sub: Reference for software developer position

Dear ________,

I have been informed that you are looking for candidates for software developers. Here I would like to give reference to my sister Ms.________________, who recently completed her B.tech in computer science.

She has got a good academic score and communication skills which the job requires. 

Here I am attaching her resume so please check her profile and kindly let her know if she is eligible for this job.

Thanking you.


Your name.


What is job referral?

Job referral is giving recommendation to someone whom you have known, for the job position in the same company where you are working.

Should I refer someone for a job?

Yes, you can refer a person whom you know, because whenever he/she gets a job through your reference they will be always grateful to you and you are also helping your employer in the hiring process which saves time and money.

What happens when you refer a person to the job?

Generally the HR department will check the profile of the candidate and if they feel that the person has the right skills and knowledge which suits the job opening then that person will be called for the interview. 

Based on the performance in the interview, the management will make a final decision to hire that person or not.

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