Now Employers Should Register These 3 Acts Only in Online

As we know now India is in way of Digital India, keeping in a view of this and to bring more transparency in labour related acts, the ministry of labour and employment has made it mandatory online filing of registrations and licencing for the below 3 acts.

Employers Should Register These 3 Acts Only in Online

  1. The contract labour (regulation and abolition) act 1970
  2. The interstate migrant workmen (regulation of employment & conditions of service) act 1979.
  3. The building and other constructions workers (regulation of employment and conditions of service) act 1996.

As per the latest amendment of The Building and Other Construction Workers Central Rules 2018, vide notification number G.S.R 830(E), dated 4th September 2018 the employers need to register their establishments for The building and other construction worker act 1996 at Shram Suvidha portal.

Similarly as per the Contract labour central rules 1971 and the Interstate migrant workmen central rules 1980. vide notification number G.S.R 829(E) & G.S.R 830(E) and further notification numbers S.O 4259(E) and S.O 4260(E) the licencing process of Contract labour act and interstate migrant workmen act are also need be completed online at Shram Suvidha portal.

All the registration fees / licencing fees and security deposits for above 3 acts will be accepted through e payments only. Hope this will bring more transparency in the licencing process of various acts.

The registration process of employee provident fund act 1952 and employee state insurance act 1948 is also happening through Shram Suvidha portal.

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