EPF Claim Status Shows Under Process | In How Many Days PF Will Credit

If your EPF claim status shows under process for any PF claim forms like Form 19 or 10C or 31 then it means EPFO Is processing your application and if everything is fine then within 3-7 days your PF claim amount will be credited into your bank account. The time taken will change from case to case. The maximum time it can take is 30 days and the minimum time is 3 days.

EPF Claim Status Shows Under Process

Meaning of EPF Claim Status Under Process

EPF claim status under process means your PF claim application is under review by employee provident fund organization, every EPF member who applies for PF will see this message after 1 or 2 days from the date of claim settlement, once the review complete then the final decision of PF claim settlement will be done.

In How Many Days PF Amount Credit into Bank Account in 2020

For Online claims, PF amount will be credited into the bank account within 3-15 days and for offline claims 10-30 days. So if you want to get your FP amount fast then it is better to claim it online either in UAN member portal or through Umang mobile application.

Remember in some very rare cases the online claim will also take maximum of 30 days, if you don’t get your PF amount even after 30 days also then raise a grievance at the EPF grievance portal.

Next Steps of EPF Claim Status Under Process

The next step after Under Process Status is either your claim will be settled or rejected. once it shows settled then in the next 1 or 2 days you will receive your PF claim amount in your bank account. EPFO releases payments through NEFT if there are no bank holidays then within 1 – 2 days you will get your PF amount.

In case if your claim is rejected then the reason for rejection will be updated in PF claim status. Depending upon the reason of rejection you need to proceed further.

How EPFO Credits PF Claim Amount

EPFO credits your PF amount into your bank account NEFT, the process may take 1-3 days. Once EPFO credits your EPF amount into your bank account then your claim status will be changed to

“Your Claim [ Claim Id – DSSHD180950005079 ] has been Settled. Payment sent via NEFT on – 29-MAY-2018

EPF Claim Status Under Process FAQs:

How to check EPF claim status online

To check your PF claim status portal login to the EPF member passbook portal with your UAN number and UAN portal password.
After login, select your PF member ID and click on view claim status, then your PF claim status will appear.

How many days will it take for PF withdrawal

For online claims 3-15 days and for offline claims 7-30 days.

How to download PF claim status in PDF format

To save PF claim status in PDF format type Ctrl+p, now a print window will open there you can find save as PDF option.
once you click on it then your PF claim status will be saved in PDF format. For a detailed process read this.

What to do if PF claim status still showing under process for several days

If your PF claim status showing under process for more than 30 days, then it is better to raise a grievance at PF portal, they will solve your problem.

Is there any chance for PF claim rejection after getting the status “under process”

If all your PF details are correct then sure you will get your PF claim amount. Otherwise, your claim will be rejected and the reason will be updated.
Once your claim status turns into settled then 100% your PF amount will credit into your bank account, if your bank account details like your bank account number and IFSC code are correct.
If they are not correct then your PF amount will be recredited into your PF account.
In that case, correct submit the PF reauthorization form or correct your bank account details and reapply again.

Why my PF claim status suddenly shows “Not Available” but before it has shown under process

Some times it happens and doesn’t need to worry. Even though your claim status shows not available still your claim will be under process, and within 1 or 2 days your claim status will be updated again.

234 thoughts on “EPF Claim Status Shows Under Process | In How Many Days PF Will Credit”

  1. Dear sir

    Plz chek this
    CLAIM ID PYBOM200350023390
    PARA DETAILS Illness
    CLAIM STATUS Under Process
    REMARKS Your Claim [ Claim Id – PYBOM200350023390 ] is under Process

    • It has almost completed 30 days so better raise a grievance at PF portal so that you will know why your claim is pending.

  2. I applied online claim on 15 March abhitak under process hai. Email kar kar thak gaya .. customers care hamesha band… compliant pe koi check nai karta….hopless service by pf workers

  3. I applied for pf on 15 March…still under process.. worst people’s working in pf office. Bad service no reply for email…grivilence complaint website not working.. kamchor bandhe. Nokari se nikal do..

  4. Applied on 4th March 2020.
    UAN portal shows settled and payment sent via NEFT since 25th March 2020.
    Today is 5th April and yet to see any credit

  5. I’m applying epf advance from 31 dated on 3rd March 2020 but now still showing my claim status is under process. How many days credit my amount?

  6. my UAN No . 100837015597 i was applied PF ADVANCE on dated 05.01.2020 and amount 85000 but till 03.03.2020 status showing under process. am i get the PF ADVANCE?????

    • It has taken so much time, so raise a grievance at PF portal so that you will know why your claim is pending, based on that we can find a solution.

  7. Dear Sir,

    Select MEMBER ID

    Claim Status Details
    CLAIM ID MHBAN191050064239
    PARA DETAILS Construction of House
    CLAIM STATUS Under Process
    REMARKS Your Claim [ Claim Id – MHBAN191050064239 ] is under Process

    till date amount not credit to my account.

  8. Hi Sir,
    I applied for PF Claim on 2nd Dec IT went Under process On 3rd OF Dec.Still It is Showing UNDER PROCESS also I raised Grievance ON 13th Dec still not received any Reply

    My Second question is
    I have also Claim EPF from my another PF account of previous employer.Is it okay to make to claim at a time.

    • Hi Vinay,
      Generally it will take maximum 30 days to get PF amount into your bank account and there is no problem even if you claim Two PF amounts of Two PF accounts simultaneously.

    • Hi Vinay,

      I am also in the same situation, I submitted my claim on Dec 5th with Under Process status. Haven’t got an update.

      Could you please share your current status and if you had to do anything beyond raising Grievance.


  9. Hi I applied for PF claim on 12 Nov 2019 but still shows in under process I also lodged a complaint in grievance but no action I want nodal officer email I’d plz help me out

  10. Hello Sir,

    How many it takes time to claim settled.because the status is under process I have submitted the form on 5 Dec and today is 11 Dec.

    Please advise.

  11. Dear sir/madam
    I applied for pf advance online claim on 14.11.2019. but still the status showing under process after 20 days and not to credit in my account. How much maximum time to take after showing under process to settled.

    • Hi Dip Kumar Modak,
      The maximum time for claim settlement is 30 days if your PF amount doesn’t credit even after 30 days then raise a grievance at PF portal.

  12. Hi I have applied for eps and epf final settlement. On 1st oct. On 10 October status changed to under process. Then I raised a grievance on 1st Nov.2019 got a reply on 4 November that my pf withdrawal claims has been processed for settlement and will be settled soon.. but still status is showing under process.. can u plz help me in this. My pf office is in gurgaon sec 43

  13. Sir i applied my ef amount on oct 6 2019 ,Oct 10 it was showing under process but still the amount is not been credited till now so how much more days to wait


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