New Single Page EPF Composite Death Claim Form 20+10 D+5 I.F

Sample filled EPF composite death claim form or how to fill EPF composite claim form: Recently Employee Provident Fund Organization has launched new EPF composite forms, which make PF claim settlements easy. In place of previous PF withdrawal forms Form 19 & 10C now EPFO launched single EPF composite claim forms ( Composite Claim Form Aadhar & Composite  Claim Form Non Aadhar ) for both Form 19 & 10 C. Now the good news is that EPFO introduced common composite death claim form in place of previous PF death Claim forms like 10 D, 5 IF and Form 20. Now a single page composite death claim form is enough to get death benefits of the employee.

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How To Fill EPF Composite Claim Form Aadhar Version

How To Fill EPF Composite Death Claim Form  20+10 D+5 I.F / Sample Filled EPF Composite Death Claim Form In Death Cases

Download EPF new composite death claim form 20+10 D+5 I.F

EPF Composite Death Claim Form

New Single Page EPF Composite Death Claim Form 20+10 D+5 I.F

Features  Of New PF Death Claim Form

It is a single page combined form for PF form 20 + 10D+ EDLI 5 I.F

Consists of 13 Fields

Both Employer and Claimant’s signatures are needed.

↓ Sample Filled EPF Death Claim Form 10D+20+5 I.F

The Following Documents Should Be Enclosed Along With PF Death Claim Form.

  1. Death Certificate
  2. Joint Photograph of claimants
  3. Date of birth of children claiming Pension
  4. Scheme Certificate ( If available)


  1. Raju Pundlik Shriname says

    In this composite Death claim form , We are giving one bank account details for pension purpose.
    Are they club pension of children ,widow etc… or we have to give individual forms for pension.
    Thank You

  2. Gayatri says

    Hi Imran,

    Thanks for helping us by providing such an important valuable information.

    I need to submit an composite death claim form for my son who is not married & died in service. He did not mention nominee & we being parents want to know the process to claim.

    1) He worked for 3 -4 previous employers but didn’t transfer or claim PF. Currently do we need to ask all previous employers to transfer PF to last employer or We need to withdrawal PF for each employer individually?

    2) From the EPF member Passbook details I can claim for EPF contribution and pension but do we get EPF life insurance or EDLI from all the previous employers?

    3) Using composite death claim form do we get EPF contribution, pension and EPF life insurance or EDLI , Do we need to submit any required multiple forms & payment will be done at once?

    4) In my case, what are the supporting documents i need to submit?

    Thanks for the reply!

  3. Subhodeep Acharjee says

    Do all the fields should filled up in capital letters?

    1. Rajesh M says

      Hi Subhodeep,
      No capital letters are not required.

  4. Sachin says

    Dear sir,

    Claimant can submit composite death form direct to EPFO office

    1. Rajesh M says

      Hi Sachin,
      Once you take employer signature then you can submit it directly to PF office.

  5. Trupti says

    Dear Sir,

    If a person is having one wife and two minor kids, Is it mandatory to provide kids details ? or we can only give details of wofe alone. what difference in pension amount will it make if we dont provide kids details ?
    Thankyou in anticipation,

    1. Rajesh says

      Hi Trupti,
      His wife details will be enough.

  6. sinoj says

    Hi Sir My Wife Expired When She Was In Service. Shall I Submit Single Form 20 Or 3 Forms (20, 10D, 5IF) . And Is It Mandatory to Submit Surviving Certificate?. And Please Tell Me What Are The Documents To be submitted.

  7. imran says

    Dear Sir

    In death case process, will Bona fide certificate issued by school for deceased son & Daughter would be considered by EPFO ??
    or Birth certi by municipal corp is compulsory required for birth date proof ?

    Kindly confirm at your end.

    1. Rajesh says

      Hi Imran,
      Till now I haven’t faced this situation, as per my knowledge death certificate is mandatory but not the birth certificate.

      1. imran says

        Thank you,
        But in form it is mentioned that Date of birth certificate for children claiming pension is mandatory.

        1. Rajesh says

          Hi Imran,
          Yes, for children & nominees it is mandatory.

  8. imran says

    Death case has been processed, but it still shows FOrm 20 (EPF settlement) only has been settled

    what about pension start, EDLI benefits?

    can you tell me in this matter?

    1. Rajesh says

      Hi Imran,
      if the nominees have submitted form 10 D and From 5IF then soon they will get the amounts, to know the status raise a grievance at PF portal.

      1. imran says

        Yes, we have submitted composite form for PF, EPS, EDLI benefits.

        So may be possible, for EPS and EDLI other department will take initiative????

  9. cbm says

    Hi i need complete death claim application filled template

    because form fill details not know any person

  10. imran says

    Dear sir

    facing query in death case after submitting claim rejected with demand of following information

    1) they have asked for Death while in service certificate by employer.

    could you please provide sample so that we can initiate the claim again.


    1. Rajesh says

      Hi Imran,
      Download format of death while in service certificate for PF.

      1. imran says

        Thank you so much sir,

        please clear my doubt what is considered as member had died while in service.

        1) is it during shift working time?
        2) is it after completion of shit time and outside premises?


        1. Rajesh says

          Hi Imran,
          In both cases it will be considered as death while in service.

          1. imran says

            Thank you sir. for clearing doubt.
            have you any format for “Undertaking letter for the change of member name by employer”
            as for the change of name they have asked for Joint declaration along with that undertaking also.
            i will be very thankful to you.

          2. Rajesh says

            @ Imran,
            Click here to download employee name correction letter in EPF portal.

  11. Nooria says

    How can an employer sign when employer is already deceased.. what to do in this case. pls help

  12. bharathi says

    anyone advise,

    if form-15 g is enclosed with claim form???

    1. Rajesh says

      Hi Bharathi,
      When you are claiming more than 50000 Rs in less than 5 years then you have to enclose Form 15G with PF claim form.

  13. imran says

    dear sir,
    QUERY IS , while filling death claim form, we found that ,name of father and surname is different on epfo portal for the died member,

    everything is ready for the submission.

    kindly advise what to do now,

    1. Rajesh says

      Hi Imran,
      Write a request letter about this problem to the EPFO office on your company letter head and take your employer attestation and submit it along with death claim forms.

      1. imran says

        Sir, is this enough to be for correction, ?
        do i need to send joint declaration form?

        1. Rajesh says

          Hi Imran,
          Submit both letter and joint declaration.

  14. imran says

    In death Case,

    If claimants consist of wife & 2 minor daughter, in that case,
    which size of joint photograph needed and does employer need to attest the same photograph??

    await for your reply.

    1. Rajesh says

      Hi Imran,
      A5 size will be enough and there is no attestation required on photograph.

  15. imran says

    Thanks , additionally, can whole EPF and EPS can be withdrawn by wife?? & we supposed to attest the photograph and documents of claimants?

    Thank you

    1. Rajesh says

      Hi Imran,
      Yes, entire PF amount will be withdrawn by his wife and she will get pension amount every month. Photograph of the claimant is required.

  16. imran says

    Would like to inquire following points in respect to death claim form

    1) Death certificate copy or original shall be attached?
    2) Deceased person was married , so his wife and two children’s joint photograph should be attached or single one?
    3) in this case, pension should be claimed by only his children or we can give birth certi of his wife?

    please clarify in this matter.

    1. Rajesh says

      Hi Imran,
      You need to submit :
      1. Death certificate original
      2. Individual photo graphs of claimants
      3. Date of birth proof of claimants who are claiming benefits.

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