EPF Field Office Approval Pending When PF Details Corrected

EPF members who apply for basic details modification request in UAN portal will generally find this message. We use modify basic details request in UAN portal to correct our incorrect details like name, date of birth in PF portal. All these correction requests of EPF members have to be approved by both employer and PF field office. First, your employer needs to approve it, after that your PF field office will approve, in the meantime, we will get the status as EPF field office approval pending.

Whenever your basic details modification status shows EPF field office approval pending then you need to wait for at least 30 days, in these 30 days your PF basic details like name, DOB will be corrected as per your Aadhar records.

EPF Field Office Approval Pending

How to Check Status of Basic Details Modification Request

To check your basic details modification request login to UAN member portal with your UAN number and password. Now in the home go to manage option and select modify basic details option. Now you will find the status of your basic details request in PF. Remember status will appear only if you already applied for basic details modification otherwise you will find the fields to apply for PF details correction.

Login to UAN Member Portal Go to Manage Option  Now Click on Modify Basic Details  Find the Status

What is PF Field Office

PF field office means, the regional EPF office of the EPF member where their employer is registered. For every region, there is one PF field office where all the EPF operations of the establishments in that region will take place i.e here EPF members and employers submit their PF claim forms and other PF related requests.

Pending at PF Filed Office Meaning

Pending at PF field office means your basic details modification request is pending at your regional PF office. You will get this message when your employer approves your request for PF details correction in their employer PF portal.

Where is My PF Field Office

You can ask your employer regarding your PF field office, or you can easily know your PF field office by just observing the status of your basic details modification request. For example, if your status is showing 

After How Much Time My Basic Details will be Corrected Once I Get the Status as Pending at EPFO Field Office

It depends on your PF regional office, some field offices will approve it within 10 days and some will take 20-30 days, but in maximum cases, it will take 30 days. So whenever you get the status as pending at field office then you need to wait for at least 30 days.

Even after 30 days also if your basic details like name, date of birth are not corrected then you need to contact the PF field office. The same will apply for offline corrections also i.e for basic details requests done through PF joint declaration form.

How can I contact my PF field office

In case if basic details correction request is not approved by the field office even after 30 days then you need to contact them. You can directly contact them or you can just send a mail to that PF office. You can find contact mail id of your regional EPF office here find your PF field office.

If you want their phone number then just google the PF office name and you can also send a grievance at PF portal, sending grievance at PF portal is one of the best ways to find a solution for your problem.

How can I Know Whether My Basic Details are Corrected or Not

Basic Details Modification Status


You can know that by just observing your UAN portal member profile which will appear on the right-hand side of the home page, or you can also check your PF passbook to know whether your details are corrected or not. And remember only when your details will be corrected as per Aadhar records then only you are able to link your Aadhar number to your UAN number. Linking KYC details such as Aadhar number, Bank account number and PAN number with UAN number is required for online PF withdrawal and PF transfer.

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  1. Hello, I have initiate the PF transfer request, meanwhile the date of reliving was identified wrong and same has been corrected. Simultaneously the PF transfer was already initiated and same has been approved by employer as well as field office. Now how to cancel this request and re initiate the transfer request.

    • If PF amount not transferred to your new PF account then, you need to raise a grievance at PF portal to cancel the transfer claim request.
      If it is already transferred then check whether full PF amount transferred or not, if full PF amount transferred then submit PF joint declaration form to PF office to correct wrong date of exit.

  2. I submit all necessary documents at akola pf office with my self on 10.01.2019 with joint decleration form with principal signatures till date not correction in date of birth real date of birth is 01.07.1964 name SHANKAR CHINTAMAN SANGHAI and pf a/c No. MH/27747/A- 001 so heartily requested to honourable respected sir, plz correction in date of birth as 01.07.1964 I have submit all necessary documents at our office
    Thanks again correct the same as early as possible.
    Yours faithfully


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