EPF International Workers Complete Guide, PF Withdrawal Procedure & Certificate Of Coverage(COC)

As we all know EPFO is one of the best social security in India and at the same time every country has it’s own social security scheme like employee provident fund scheme.  So whenever an Indian employee has to go & stay in another country on the duty allotted by the employer is known as an international worker. Definition of EPF international workers under EPF act 1952 is:

  • An Indian employee having worked or going to work in a foreign country with which India has entered into social security agreement and being eligible to avail the benefits under a social security programme of that country, by virtue of the eligibility gained or going to gain, under the said agreement

From the above definition of international worker under EPF act, it is clearly mentioned that any Indian employee who works in a foreign country with which India has the social agreement is known as an international worker. India has social agreement with 18 countries, they are They are Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Luxembourg, France, South Korea, Netherlands, Hungary, Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Norway, Canada, Japan, Austria, Portugal and Australia

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Why Are You A Good Fit For This Position Examples

As per this social agreement any Indian employee who is already contributing to PF in India doesn’t need to contribute to other social security schemes in above-mentioned countries. It is a benefit for both employees and employers because they don’t need to do Two contributions separately in each country.

But in order to avoid other social security schemes contributions in other countries, the international workers need to submit COC (Certificate Of Coverage). The best thing is now the international workers can get COC online by the facility provided by Employee Provident Fund scheme.

International Worker PF Withdrawal Procedure:

The international worker PF withdrawal procedure is same as local Indian employee, they have to submit EPF composite claim forms to their regional EPF office either in online or by offline through their employer. The claim amount will be deposited into bank accounts of EPF International workers.

But in order to get rid of contributing to other social security schemes in foreign countries, the international workers need to submit a COC to the social security scheme organization of that particular country.

How To Get Certificate Of Coverage (COC) For EPF International Workers

How To Apply For Certificate Of Coverage:

To get COC certificate online go this link EPF Portal For International Workers and in home page click on Application For COC.

How To Get Certificate Of Coverage (COC) For International Workers

Now enter your UAN (Universal Account Number). After entering your UAN number you will get your PF number automatically. Now click on your PF member ID.

How To Apply For PF Certificate Of Coverage

After entering all the details now click on submit, now a reference number will be generated and you can find an option to download the form. After downloading the form sign it and upload it to PF international worker portal.

How To Upload Application For COC in EPF international Worker Portal

To upload the signed application form again go to EPF international portal home page and there you can find an option called Upload Signed Application For COC.

Now click on that and enter your application reference number, your date of birth and upload your file.

How To Upload Application For COC in EPF international Worker Portal

After uploading signed application for COC in international worker portal then your employer has to attest it, in the meantime you can track the status of your application for the certificate of coverage using reference number and when it gets approved by your employer then you can download it.

Application For Extension Of COC

You can also use Application For Extension Of COC option in EPF international workers portal home page to extend the validity of your EPF certificate of coverage.

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  1. hi all
    In my company some korean employees are working. We do not submit their contribution. Are we supposed to submit it. If we need certificate of coverage, how to get it?

  2. Sir, in my EPFO Account wrongly register in international worker and with help of employer put request for change international worker to national worker and verification done by epfo office from employer and almost 6 month passed away but not processed my request for same also put complaint on e- grievances on epfo they not provide specific anuser for this plz help what we do next .

  3. What rules apply when a foreign worker becomes a Permanent resident.
    In my case i was Transferred form India to Canada hence contribution was going to India.
    My status recently changed – became a PR.
    Now i want to start my Canada Pension fund and cancel India PF contribution.
    My Organization still considers me as Transfer hence will not permit contribution to Canada Pension.
    Can i just straight away cancel my India PF Certificate of coverage from EPF Website?
    Another logical thought was i resign and join same company but now as Canada employee.
    Is there a rule that permits Employee to choose where the PF gets accumulated?

  4. Whether International Workers are eligible for withdrawal Benefits i.e Form-10C (Not covered under SSA) after 58 yrs

    If yes please furnish circulars or Which Para shall be refer

  5. Hi Sir,

    This is to inform you that , i can’t modify kyc details as per adhar. When giving all the information as match as adhar to this fields still getting the message “the details provided you are not matching with your adhar details.

    My date of birth provided in the document :- 23-12-1989
    In aadhar :- 23-1-1990 (Also in school certificates/PAN and all)

    Will you please give a solution on this problem sir.

    • Hi Suraj,
      You need to modify your date of birth present in PF portal and correct it to as it is present in your Aadhar card. You can correct your date of birth either in online(By using modify basic details option in PF portal) or offline (by submitting EPF composite declaration form).

  6. dear Sir,

    I wanna know that if an employee from another country to whom India has no social agreement then how to withdraw PF claim.

    • Hi Manjit,
      If the foreign employee doesn’t belong to the country with which India has SSA, then they will get their PF amount only after attaining 58 years, in case of disablement only they will get their PF amount before 58 years of age.


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