ESIC Number Search by Name 2024 | Find ESI Number Online

Have you forgotten your ESIC number and want to know how to find your lost ESIC number online? ESIC is providing so many online services but unfortunately, ESIC hasn’t provided any provision for the employee i.e ESIC members to find their ESIC IP number online.

But there are some ways by using that we can do ESIC number search by name, but it has to be done only by your employer only.

Generally, it is the responsibility of insured persons to keep their ESI numbers with them throughout their lifetime.

When an employee doesn’t submit his ESI number to the new job, and if that new employer creates another ESI number then it leads to duplication of ESI IP numbers and it makes insured persons ineligible for ESI benefits.

ESIC Number Search Online By Employer

As I said earlier every employer can find ESIC numbers of their employees in their employer ESIC portal, but these ESIC numbers are available until the employer doesn’t delete employees from the ESIC portal. Until they don’t mention the exit date of ESIC members.

Step 1:- To find the ESIC number of employees employers need to log in to their employer ESIC portal with their establishment id and password.

Step 2:- On the home page of the employer ESIC portal there is an option called list of employees, now click on that. Now a new page will open where you can find the ESIC numbers of all the active employees.

ESIC Number Search by Name 2019
ESIC Number Search by Name

ESI Card Search By Number

Even though we can’t find the ESI number by name, if we have the ESIC number then we can download a temporary ESIC card online. But remember only your employer can able to download your temporary ESIC card.

Step 1:- To download ESIC temporary id card login into the employer ESIC portal with the establishment id and password. Now on the home page, there is an option called e pehchan card under the employee section, now click on that link.

How to download ESIC E Pehchan Card

Step 2:- Now a new page will open there enter the ESI number of the employee, and there is no need to enter other details, just enter the ESI number of the employee and click on view. Now the details of the ESIC member will open, you can find those details in the below image.

Forgot ESIC Number

Step 3:- Now click on view counterfoil ( i.e temporary ESIC card). Once you click on print counter foil a new page will open their employee temporary ESIC card is available. Your employer can give you the printout of the temporary E Pehchan card.

ESI IP Number

Finding ESI Number by Name Offline

In case an insured person changes a job then they have to visit their previous employer because every employer will keep data of employees’ ESIC numbers.

You can also find our ESI IP numbers on ESI Pehchan cards and in some companies the ESI IP number of employees will be printed on payslips. So before going to meet the employer, it is better to check the Pehchan card and payslips.

Now employee state insurance corporation has made it mandatory to link the Aadhar number of insured persons with their IP number. Now every ESIC IP number needs to be linked with your Aadhar number, if your IP number is also linked with your Aadhar then you can contact your regional ESIC office regarding your ESIC IP number.

Conclusion: Till now, employees can’t do an ESIC number search by name online but they can get their forgotten ESIC numbers from their employer.  Any employer can find the ESIC number of their employees in their employer ESIC portal by just checking the name of the ESIC member.


Can I do ESIC IP number search by using my mobile number?

Not it is not possible to find the ESI number using your mobile number.

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