ESI Photo Size Details – For Attesting On ESIC Application

Are you going to take photographs at your ESIC regional branch along with your family members then you may know about ESIC temporary ID card which is also known as the print counterfoil, on which you need to attest a family photograph of all your family members. But the majority of the ESIC members are getting confused that what is the ESI photo size that they need to attest on ESIC temporary ID Card.

ESI Photo Size Details (ESIC Family Photo Size)

Generally, the A6 or A5 photo size will be enough to attest on ESIC temporary ID card,  ESI temporary id card will be printed on A4 size paper. So you can use any photo of A6 or A5 size. In simple, a postcard size photograph will be enough.

ESI Photo Size Details In Various Dimensions

Size of the ESI photo In cm In mm In inches In pixels
A5 14.8 x 21 148 x 210 5.8 x 8.3 1748 x 2480 (300 DPI)
A6 10.5 x 14.8 105 x 148 4.1 x 5.8 1240 x 1748 (300 DPI)

What Is ESIC Temporary ID Card & Why Insured Person Need It

If you are an ESIC member and contributing to Employee State Insurance Corporation then you need to get ESIC Pehchan card to avail ESIC benefits. But in order to get ESIC Pehchan card Insured Person i.e IP member needs to visit their ESIC regional branch along with their family members to take a photograph. Once they attend photograph session then they will get ESIC Pehchan card within 30 days.

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Before visiting your regional ESIC branch along with your family members every insured person need to take a temporary ID card (Print Counter Foil) from their employer. On which all the details of IP member will present including family members details also.

On this temporary ESIC id card insured person needs to attest a family photograph. After attesting the photograph the employer will sign the document. Now the insured person can take it to their regional ESIC office to get ESIC Pehchan card.

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