ESIC Form 37: Why It is Important in ESI

ESIC form 37 is known as the certificate of reemployment or continuing employment. ESIC form 37 is a declaration by the employer for continuity of an employee under an employee state insurance scheme 1948.

In simple words whenever an employee joins in a new job where he needs to fill this ESIC form 37 to continue his previous ESIC IP number. If the employee doesn’t submit this ESIC form 37 then the new employer may create another IP number for that employee, it leads to duplication of ESIC IP numbers.

So in order to avoid ESIC IP numbers duplication,  employers collect ESIC form 37 from the employees and they will submit it to their ESIC local branch office.

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How to Fill ESIC Form 37

  • Name and address of employer.
  • ESIC code of the employer.
  • Name of the employee and his or her father.
  • ESIC IP number of the employee.
  • Start date of contribution with present employer.
  • Date of joining with the current employer.
  • End date of ESIC contribution with the previous organization.

ESIC Form 37 Filled Sample 2019

ESIC Form 37 Filled Sample

What is ESIC Form 37 Contribution Period

ESIC Contribution period is divided into Two parts, the first part is 1 April to 30 September, and the second part is 1 October to 31 March. The ESIC benefits of IP member will be entitled based on the number of days for which ESIC contribution made in the contribution period.( Because ESIC provides some cash benefits, to become eligible for these cash benefits ESIC members should pay a required contribution towards ESIC).

For contribution period 1 April to 30 September, the benefit period is 1 Jan to 30 Jun and for contribution period 1 October to 31 March benefit period is 1 July to 31 Dec.

ESIC Contribution PeriodBenefit Period
1 April to 30 September1 January to 30 June
1 October to 31 March1 July to 31 December

Purpose of ESIC Form 37

Only One ESI number will be allocated to ESIC members in their career. When an insured person has Two IP numbers then after some time their new IP number will become duplicate and again old IP number will visible in ESIC portal automatically, which your employer can observe during monthly payments.

Further, it leads to duplication of new ESI number and all the contributions which they have made to the new ESIC number will become useless or else they have to transfer ESIC contributions of new ESIC number to their old ESIC number.

So in order to overcome all those problems just give your previous ESI number to your new employer and submit ESIC form 37 to the new employer.

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