ESIC Introduced Two New Facilities IVRS & Audio Visual Clips For ESIC Beneficiaries

Employee state insurance corporation has introduced Two new facilities such as IVRS(Interactive Voice Response) and Audio Visual Clips for ESIC beneficiaries.

IVRS Help Desk Facility

ESIC introduced a toll-free number 1800112526 which will help both ESIC members and also employers. Interactive voice response facility provided by ESIC will solve problems of employee and employer quickly without any delay.

At present, ESIC IVRS facility is available in  English and Hindi languages and receiving 1000 calls per day.

How To Use ESIC IVRS Facility

  • Dial ESIC toll-free number 1800112526
  • Now select the language.
  • Now you have to choose whether you are an employee or employer or others.
  • Now your call will be directed to ESIC agent and there you can tell about your problem.
  • ESIC agent will try for spot redressal of your query, if it is not possible to spot redressal of your query then you will get a unique ticket number and your case will forward to public grievance portal of ESIC.

Audio Visual Clips For ESIC Beneficiaries

ESIC has produced 7 audiovisual clips regarding various ESIC benefits which will educate both ESIC members and employers.

At present these videos are available in Hindi languages and ESIC is planning to produce them in English also.

These 7 audio visual clips are available in ESIC official Youtube channel and the link is here

These videos are related to:

  1. नि:शक्तता हितलाभ (Disability Benefits)
  2. आश्रितजन हितलाभ (Dependents Benefits)
  3. बीमारी हितलाभ (Ailment Benefits)
  4. वृद्धावस्था चिकित्सा देखभाल (Old Age Health Benefits)
  5. बेरोजगारी भत्ता (Unemployment Benefits)
  6. मातृत्व हितलाभ (Maternity Benefits)
  7. चिकित्सा हितलाभ (Health Treatment Benefits)

ESIC has also announced that soon it is going to launch “Chinta Se Mukti” mobile application.

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