ESIC Limit Increased To Rs 21000 Circular & ESI Contribution Salary Limit

If you are looking for ESIC limit increased to Rs 21000 circular then here you can find all those details. In the year 2016, Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) has increased ESI contribution salary limit to 21000 Rs from 15000 Rs. By this new change in ESI salary limit, there are more than 50 lakhs of new employees were covered under employee state insurance scheme. At present, ESIC is providing medical security to more than 2.5 crores of employees in India.

Details Of ESIC Limit Increased To Rs 21000 Circular

ESIC limit increased to Rs 21000 circular was released in the year 2016 but the increased ESI contribution salary limit is effective from 1 Jan 2017.

The new ESIC threshold limit has included more than 50 Lakhs of employees in Employee State Insurance Scheme so it will benefit both IPs and family members of insured persons.

ESIC Limit Increased To Rs 21000 Circular

There is another rumour is going on that very soon the Employee State Insurance Corporation is going to increase ESIC salary limit to 25000 Rs. But till now there is no official information about this.

Along ESIC Wage Ceiling From 15000 To 25000 Notification, ESIC has taken some additional employee favoured decisions, once recollect them

  • The Employee State Insurance Corporation in its meeting dated 07 August 2015 has decided to bear the expenses on super speciality treatment over and above the expenditure of state government.
  • The ESIC in its 166th Corporation meetings held on 07 August 2015 has decided to consider the eligibility of pre-existing diseases i.e. for malignancy & dialysis as prospective w.e.f. 30 August 2016.
  • ESIC has also revised eligibility for Super Specialty including the children of Insured Persons with congenital diseases & genetic disorders.

ESI Eligibility Salary Limit 2018

ESIC Salary Limit Period
21000 Rs W.E.F 1 Jan 2017
15000 Rs Before 1 Jan 2017

ESIC Applicability Criteria

ESI scheme is applicable to all the employers who are employing 10 or more than 10 employees. In states of Maharashtra and Chandigarh, this limit is 20 members.

The salary wage limit for ESIC scheme is 21000 Rs W.E.F 1 January 2017.

ESI Contribution Details

ESI will be calculated on the gross salary of employees. There are so many employees are getting confused that PF is calculated on basic + DA so ESI will also be calculated on basic + DA.  But it is not true, ESI is always calculated on the gross salary of the employees.

Insured persons will contribute 1.75% of total gross salary to the ESI and employer will also pay 4.75% of employee gross salary towards ESI fund.

Employee Contribution 1.75% Of Employee Gross Salary
Employer Contribution 4.75% Of Employee Gross Salary

8 thoughts on “ESIC Limit Increased To Rs 21000 Circular & ESI Contribution Salary Limit”

  1. If in an establishment have total 15 employees and 9 out of 15 employees’ salary is more than 21000, then is it mandatory to registering in ESIC?

    • If gross is above then you are not eligible for ESIC, in that case, it is better to take any other health insurance policy to you and your family members.
      Some companies tie-up with insurance companies to provide group health insurance to their employees, in that case, the premiums will be less.
      Otherwise you have to buy your own health insurance policy.

  2. Sir,
    i would like to know if an employees gross salary exceeds Rs.21,000/- after few years, whether he will be eligible to continue under the scheme, irrespective of his salary, as he was a member earlier…..

    • If gross increases then he should be removed from the ESIC scheme after the end of the ESIC contribution period, and payment has to be paid until the end of the ESIC contribution period.
      ESIC has Two contribution periods, from 1 April to 30 September, and 1 October to 31 March.
      Example: If employee salary increased to 25000 in July then ESIC should be paid on 25000 until 30 September.

  3. Whether these proposed changes will have any effect on the salaries of ESIC Office employees at Head Office & other sub-offices?


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