ESIC Maternity Leave Salary Procedure, Calculation & Eligibility

What is ESIC maternity leave: Women employees whose monthly gross salary is less than 21,000 Rs can get maternity leave salary up to 26 weeks. Insured women will get this maternity leave amount under ESIC maternity benefits.

Women employees whose monthly gross salary is more than 21000 Rs will get maternity leave amount for 26 weeks from their employer under the maternity benefits act 1961.

How To Claim ESI Maternity Benefit

  • Whenever pregnancy confirms for a woman employee, then before 8 weeks from the date of delivery they can start taking maternity leaves. And they can continue maternity leaves up to 18 weeks after the delivery date. (Maternity leaves can be availed in 8 weeks:18 weeks ratio)
  • So before taking maternity leave visit your ESIC dispensary and take a medical certificate from them regarding pregnancy.
  • Now submit ESIC self declaration form to ESIC office through your employer.
  • Now after completing the remaining 18 weeks of maternity leave submit maternity claim form 19 to ESIC office along with supporting documents like medical bills and follow the further instructions given by ESIC officials.

Eligibility For ESIC Maternity Claim Benefit

  • Insured woman should have a minimum of 9 months service and 80 days of contribution towards ESIC in between April to September or October to March. (9 months service means the total working period with the present employer and 80 days contribution means, ESIC member has to pay ESIC contribution for at least 80 days)
  • Insured woman can check their eligibility for ESIC maternity claim at ESIC IP portal.
  • To check ESIC maternity claim eligibility go to ESIC IP portal and enter your ESI number and captcha appearing on the screen. (Use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox as browsers)
Eligibiltiy For ESIC Maternity Claim Benefit
  • After login to ESIC IP portal click on entitlement to benefits.
Eligibiltiy For ESIC Maternity Claim Benefit
  • Now a new window will open where you can check your eligibility for maternity claim.
ESIC Maternity Leave Salary Procedure, Calculation & Eligibility

ESI Maternity Leave Salary Calculation:

There is no separate calculation for ESIC maternity claim, insured women can get complete salary including basic wage, DA, HRA, and incentive bonus. But they can’t get gratuity amount, bonus amount, PF, and pension contributions for that particular maternity leave period.

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