Solution: ESIC Portal Access Not Able to Update Employee Details

If you are not able to access the ESIC portal to update employee details then the main problem is with your internet browser. If you are using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox or internet explorer, first you need to allow popup windows in your browser. If you allow popup windows then all the ESIC radio buttons will start work.

For example if your Google chrome browser is blocking the pop-up windows then you will see a popup block icon to the right side of the website URL. now click on that icon and select always allow popups and redirects.

Here you can see an image of allowing pop-up windows from website, in the same way, you can allow popups of any website including ESIC.

allowing popups in google chrome

So it is a simple solution to resolve the problems of employers while updating the details of the insured persons.

Except, the name of the insured person and IP number (ESI Number), the employer can change or update all other particulars of insured persons like their family details, address, nominee details, bank account details, personal details like date of birth, marital status,  father name or husband name and gender details.

Earlier we need to use certain versions of Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, but now we can operate the ESIC website even in Google Chrome also. When compared to earlier days now the technical problems with ESIC websites are less.

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