Experience Certificates with Salary in Word Format

All experience certificates don’t consist of salary details, but some companies mention it. If your company is not mentioning your salary details on your experience certificate then you need to use your salary slips/payslips as salary proof.

Employers can mention either monthly/annual gross salary (or) annual CTC on the experience letters.

Here you can download sample experience certificate formats with salary details in word format.

Sample Experience Certificates with Salary

Format 1



To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that Mr./Ms. [Employee name] worked as a/an [Designation] in our company from DD/MM/YYYY to DD/MM/YYYY.

During the above tenure, we found him/her sincere and hard working.

His/her monthly gross salary is 50,000 Rs (Fifty Thousand Rupees per Month)

We wish him/her all the success in his/her all future endeavours.

For the [Company Name]

Authorized signatory.

Format 2



To Whomsoever It May Concern

It is hereby certified that Mr./Ms. [Employee name] served in our company as a/an [Designation] in [Department] from [DD/MM/YYYY] to [DD/MM/YYYY].

He/She was smart, humble, and dedicated to the profession. He was self-motivated and always committed to the profession.

At the time of his/her termination with us, his annual CTC was 7,00,000 Rs (Seven Lakh Rupees Only].

We wish him/her good luck in all his/her future efforts.

For the [the company name],

Authorized Signatory.

Format 3



To Whom It May Concern

We hereby certify that Mr./Ms.[Employee name] employed by us as a/an [Designation] in [Department]. His/her date of joining is [DD/MM/YYYY] and the date of leaving is [DD/MM/YYYY]. The reason for his/her leaving is due to the resignation.

At the time of leaving the job his/, her annual gross salary was 6,50,000 Rs. (Six Lakh Fifty Thousand Rupees Only).

We wish him/her all the success in all his/her future endeavours.

Authorized person name & Signature.



Is salary mentioned in the experience certificate?

Yes, the salary can be mentioned in the experience certificate. It depends on how your company is formating their experience certificate formats.

Is salary certificate and experience certificate the same?

No, both are different. A salary certificate means a salary slip or payslip and an experience certificate consist of the employment details and salary is a small part of it.

What to do if my employer is not mentioning salary on my experience certificate?

You can get your payslips from your employers, and use them as salary proof in your new job.

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