How To Fill Gratuity Form I | Gratuity Form I Sample

Gratuity form I is used to claim gratuity amount. Simply gratuity form I is a request form to claim gratuity amount. This form has to be submitted under sub section (1) of section 4 of the payment of gratuity act 1972. According gratuity act every employee who works continuously for 5 years will be eligible to get gratuity amount. Here you can find complete details on how to fill gratuity form I and you can also download gratuity form I sample.

How To Fill Gratuity Form I | Gratuity Form I Sample

During retirement or superannuation of employee, resignation after completion of 5 years of continuous service, disablement due to accident, permanent disablement due to disease. During disablement gratuity will be paid even less than 5 years of service.

On gratuity form I we have to write full name of employee and his complete address, department in which he has worked, employee number, date of appointment, date and reason for termination of service, total period of service, last drawn salary.

After filling all these details submit duly signed gratuity  form to your employer  and give your bank account details like bank name, account number and IFSC code.

↓ Download Gratuity Form I

Gratuity Form I Sample

how to fill gratuity form I and gratuity form I sample

Do share your opinions and doubts on how to fill gratuity form I.

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25 thoughts on “How To Fill Gratuity Form I | Gratuity Form I Sample”

  1. Hi,

    I was working in non granted Management Institute as Clerk-Establishment Section from 23-07-2004 to 30-06-2015 then as an Assistant Professor from 01-07-2015 to 14-05-2022. My appointment was without break in service, hence can you guide me what should I written in gratuity From I in the column of Post, Date of appointment, date of termination of service and total period of service?

  2. I worked in a CBSE school as a teacher for 17 years. I joined on 2nd may 1995 and left 31 August 2012 .can I claim gratuity now after 10 year??

    • If your company is covered under the gratuity act then you can claim it.
      You can get that information by contacting your company’s HR or accounts department.

  3. Please clear if the address on the top of application is to be of the employer or Labour commissioner in case of filing the complaint of non payment of gratuity by the employer, whom to address in this case . Secondly, which date will b filled in the first paragraph of the application , I am confused ,is it the date of appointment or last working day , please clear.

    • 1. It is your employer’s address
      2. You should mention the last working date in the first paragraph.

      If your employer is not paying gratuity even if you are eligible, then you can contact the labour commissioner’s office.

      • What if the Employer keeps delaying and has not yet paid the gratuity even after two months?

        What if the reason of discontinuation was change of contract from full time to a consultant after 6 years of service. So it is not resignation, what is it considered?

        • Regarding gratuity delays, you can contact the concerned labour dept office.
          For discontinuation of a full-time contract, you can consider it as a Cessation (Short service) or there is nothing wrong in considering it as a resignation as well.

  4. Please clarify me. I am worked in the NGO company or MFI industry. I am almost 11 years in service. Date hired: july 31, 2008 Date of resignation : Feb. 26, 2020. Do I entitled to have a gratuity pay? Dito po ito sa Pilipinas.
    Hope you explain me well. Thanks in Advance!

    • If your company is covered under the gratuity act 1972 then they have to pay the gratuity to employees who complete 5 yrs of service.
      Every company which has more than 10 employees should be covered under the gratuity act.

  5. Hi,

    How can I keep a proof of receipt. What if the employer says he didn’t receive the application.

    What is the best mode to submit the application.
    Postal or email.

    • It is better to submit it directly.
      If you are far away, then it is better to send it through postal and intimate the same to your employer through email that you couriered the required documents.

  6. Dear Sir,

    I want to Know that I am working a under section -25 MFI company & I had work here 4 year 11 month 26days. Am I eligible for Gratuity.
    while company says that we have not covered in gratuity norms.


  7. In the above sample gratuity Form I, request you to please clear below doubts.

    1. with effect from date (06-07-2017) – Is this the last working date with the company?

    2. Address in full – Is this my (Employee) address or Company (Employer) address?

    3. Date & cause of termination of service – Here you have mentioned only ‘Resigned’. Do I have to mention ‘Date’ here as well? If yes, is this the last working date with the company?

  8. Hi
    Please let me know what I will fill in
    I was rendered totally disabled as a result of ……………………………………….

    Amount of last pay drawn
    The evidences/witnesses in support of my total disablement are as follows

  9. Please let me know if date (06-07-2017) mentioned at the beginning of this sample form is date of relieving/ Last working day. I m still confused.


  10. Hi,
    Please let me know if date (06-07-2017) mentioned at the beginning of this sample form is date of relieving/ Last working day.


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