How to Fill EPF Composite Claim Form Aadhar & Non Aadhar Sample

EPF composite claim forms Aadhar and Non-Aadhar are used to claim PF amount, pension amount and PF advance amount. Composite claim forms are the replacement of PF forms like PF form 19, PF form 10C and PF form 31.  Earlier all PF members needed to fill three types of forms for PF and pension withdrawal, for example, form 19 for PF amount withdrawal, form 10c for pension withdrawal before 10 years of service, form 31 to withdraw the advance amount from PF.

Composite Claim Form Aadhar and Non Aadhar Difference

  • EPF composite claim form Aadhar is used to claim PF amount when KYC details of employees such as aadhar and bank account number are linked with UAN number. This form doesn’t require employer attestation.
  • EFP composite claim form non aadhar is used to claim PF amount when KYC details of employees are not linked with the UAN number. This form requires employer attestation.

How To Fill EPF Composite Claim Form Aadhar

Download EPF Composite Claim Form Aadhar

Main Features Of EPF Composite Claim Form Aadhar

  1. It is a single page withdrawal form for PF, Pension and PF advance withdrawals
  2. There is no need of Employer signature on this form
  3. No need to attest One rupee revenue stamp
  4.  Only one signature of the employee is enough
  5. It contains 9 fields.

Sample Filled EPF Composite Claim Form Aadhar

EPF Composite Claim Form Aadhar Sample Filled

How To Fill EPF Composite Claim Form Non Aadhar

EPF composite claim form non aadhar need to be submitted when employee KYC details are not updated with their UAN number.

Download EPF Composite Claim Form Non Aadhar

Sample Filled EPF Composite Claim Form Non Aadhar

EPF Composite Claim Form Non Aadhar Sample Filled


69 thoughts on “How to Fill EPF Composite Claim Form Aadhar & Non Aadhar Sample”

  1. Dear sir,

    with reference to taking new pf code for proprietor ship, shram suvidha portal ask to have a LIN number . so how to generate LIN no. for new establishment and how to get pf code ?

    can you guide please?

  2. Dear Sir,

    With reference to EPF, we need to cover employees under the same act but some of them crossed age of 58 years, so i am confused whether they should be covered or kept excluded employee?
    if covered then both pf & pension share be deducted?

    please guide

  3. hello sir,
    I have left my job in nov 2017
    employer has mentioned my name in pf account as mohd galib
    but my name in aadhar card , pan card and in bank account as mohammad ghalib firdaus
    can i withdraw final settlement with composite claim form (non aadhar)

    • Hi Mohammad,
      You can try it if PF officials ask for the name difference then just submit a request letter on your company letterhead regarding this issue.

  4. Hi, I wanted to know how can withdrawn my previous 2 company pf and my UAN already active and kyc is approved, so there is no options for pf withdrawal. If i wanted to withdrawn xxx and aaa pf but there is no options for pf no of composite claim form Adhaar so how can withdrawn my previous employment pf amount.

    Abhijit Mondal

    • Hi Abhijit Mondal,
      First, you need to transfer your previous PF amounts to new PF account number then you can able to withdraw them online if you want to withdraw separately then go for the offline claim and claim PF amounts of each company one by one.

  5. Hi Sir.
    I am applying for PF withdrawal. As my company is an exempted establishment I need to do withdrawal through offline process. My aadhar and bank details are seeded on epfo site. My tenure in the company is less than 10 years and amount accumulated is also less than 50k. As my amount is less thank 50k I haven’t seeded my PAN card. Could you kindly help me with required forms needed to submit to the company for PF and Pension withdrawals respectively and is PAN compulsory to avoid TDS

  6. HI,

    My Name is Shahabas, I Already linked my Aadhar and Bank Acc details with my UAN. I am not able to link with PAN. My service is not more than 5 years but accumulation is above 50000/-. So what all details I need to enclose if I choose to withdraw with Composite Claim Form Aadhar.

    • Hi Shahabas,
      You can claim your EPF amount by submitting EPF composite claim form Aadhar, along with this form submit 2 copies of form 15G and 1 copy of PAN Card and also a cancelled cheque (on which your name is printed) or bank passbook copy.

  7. Dear sir,
    I Have an employee whose aadhar and bank account is seeded and approved along with uan activated. but he has not pan card available.
    in this case when i go through the online pf withdrawal method, there i am notified that ” NOT AVAILABLE
    ( Pan Not Available TDS Deduction @34.60% Applicable More Details. ) ”



    • Hi Imran,
      In this case, go with offline PF withdrawal by submitting EPF composite claim form non-aadhar.
      Required documents: cancelled cheque, PAN card copy, 2 copies of form 15G.
      If you submit the above documents then no tax will be deducted from PF claim amount.

      • But in that case, employee aadhar and bank is already seeded,AND MEMBER DOESNT HAVE PAN CARD and his service is less than 5 yr but accumulation is not more than 50000/-
        So can’t we go with composite aadhar form????

        Kindly suggest.

    • Hi Vernon,
      Yes, you have to put employer authorized signatory stamp along with the signature on form 19 and there is no need for employer signature on form 15G.

  8. Hiii Rajesh
    My Aadhaar has been approved but my PAN and Bank A/c details haven’t been approved in my UAN Portal.

    Can I withdraw my PF (Final settlement) amount using Composite Claim Form Aadhar. If yes than What is the procedure to submit the form in EPF office. If No than what is the other procedure ???

    • Hi Abhishek,
      If your bank account details are not linked to your UAN number then you can’t able to withdraw your PF amount by submitting EPF composite claim form Aadhaar. You need to submit EPF composite claim form non aadhaar along with your employer attestation.
      Required documents: Copy of Aadhaar card, bank passbook copy or cancelled cheque on which your name is printed.

      • Thank You for your suggestion Rajesh
        I want to know whether I have to submit my 15G Form or not and the EPF composite claim form non aadhaar is to be submitted myself directly to EFP office OR is to be routed through employer.

        • Hi Abhishek,
          It is better to submit EPF forms through your employer. If you are claiming more than 50000 Rs within 5 years of service then only you need to submit form 15G and PAN, otherwise, there is no need to submit PAN and form 15G.

    • My Aadhaar is linked to UAN no. but my PAN and Bank A/c details have not been approved in my UAN Portal.
      In that case can I withdraw my PF(Final Settlement) online. If No then 1. What is the Procedure for withdrawal without employer attestation ? 2. Should I Submit 15G (Note that, my service period is 8 yrs. & Claiming amount is more than 50,000) ? 3. Can I Claim my PF in EPFO in my locality / Regional office OR the branch where it was opened. ?
      Please Suggest ?

  9. Rajesh,
    What if an employee does not wish to withdraw his/her PF viz linking Aadhar number. Can they withdraw it manually via PF office taking their employers attestation? please suggest which forms would they be? What documents would be required PAN card and a cancelled cheque is fine?

    • Hi Vikram,
      Yes, they can withdraw PF amount manually by submitting EPF composite claim form non-aadhar with employer attestation.

  10. Hi Rajesh

    i have a pf account from previous employer and a New pf account from new employer and both are under same UAN now when i try to online withdraw the Old PF account it comes “multiple member IDs linked to UAN” in that case how can i withdraw online and if not possible can it be through composite claim form and on which address i have to send the composite claim form?

    • Hi Anand,
      In order to withdraw your PF amount online, you have to transfer your PF amount from old PF number to new PF number or you can also withdraw your PF amount by filling EPF composite claim forms. First, apply for your previous PF amount and later you can withdraw your present PF amount. You have to submit PF claim forms to your regional EPFO office located in your locality.

      • Hi Rajesh

        Thanks for the answer just worried about the scene wherein I transfer my old PF to new PF and then there is no option of online withdrawal is it possible that once I transfer my Old PF to New PF and after that I can fill composite claim form and submit it at regional office and moreover you said later you can withdraw your present PF amount (when it will be once I leave the present job) these all I am asking by taking into consideration that I am into a new job now

        • Hi Ananad,
          Once your PF amount transfers from your old PF account to new PF account then you can withdraw your PF amount either in online or offline by filling EPF composite claim form, but you can able to withdraw that amount only after two months from your last working date in your present organization.

  11. I worked for my previous employer from 23rd Jun 2010 to 1st Oct 2014.
    I have unclaimed PF from the previous employer.
    I’ve got an email from the previous employer to fill the EPF Composite Claim Non Aadhar to directly credit my PF amount into the savings bank account.
    I have joined the new employer from 5th Jan 2015 presently working there.
    FYI: So there’s around 3 months(Oct,Nov,Dec 2014) of non employed period in my career.

    So my questions are
    What should I fill for my scenario in the EPF Composite Claim Non Aadhar for the fields 1 and 10?
    What are the tax implications for my PF withdrawal?
    Any additional documents are required for preventing rejection of my application?

    • Hi Vignesh Rajendran,
      In field no.1 tick final PF settlement and pension withdrawal benefits. There is no need to fill field no.10 it is for PF advance withdrawal.
      In order to avoid tax deduction fill form 15G and Pan card copy and submit to PF office along with EPF composite claim form non aadhar. Finally you need to submit bank passbook copy or cancelled cheque on which your name was printed.

      • Thanks a lot Rajesh for your inputs!!!!!!!!!!:)
        I’m filling the Form 15G, I have doubts on what to fill for the fields 15,16 and 17.
        So could you please provide me with the details.
        My PF amount to be withdrawn is 89418.

        • Hi Vignesh Rajendran,
          If you are already paying income tax from your salary then put YES in field 15, otherwise tick NO.
          In column 16 mention 89000 (There is no need to mention exact amount)
          In column 17: 89000 + Your annual salary amount

  12. Hi Sir,

    I have to apply for my PF withdrawal which was pending for around 2 years. I am about to submit Composite claim form (Non-aadhar) for that.
    Section:1 which I have to select Final PF settlement or Pension withdrawal benefits?

    please advise.


  13. sir ,
    is there any documents required to attach with the composite claim (aadhaar ) form and where to send this form ?
    I joined one company(suppose ABC) on aug 2010 at time my pf no was (suppose abcde1234),then i resigned on dec 2015 and join another company(suppose XYZ) on jan 2016 with Pf no.(Suppose fghi567890) .then i also resigned from this company .I want to ask what would be my date of joining when i will withdraw my pf amount and does Tax will deduct on my pf account

  14. Is PF Adhaar and Non Adhaar Form Valid.As our PF registration is done from Daman because we have factory there so all the Employees from Mumbai also their registration is done in daman. Now for PF Withdrawal i had used the new Non Adhaar PF form .But after submitting the form to PF office it got rejected and there said the old form is there which is 19 and 10C for PF withdrawal.
    Kindly let me know the reason behind this.

    • Hi Rashi,
      You can submit either old PF forms 19 & 10 C or new composite claim forms as per your wish. They can’t just reject your claim due to submission of composite claim form non-aadhar. There may be any other reason for rejection.

    • Hi Vijay,
      You can link your Aadhar in your UAN member portal after that submit EPF composite claim form non aadhar and submit it to PF office. But this form needs your employer attestation.

      • Sir
        Myself Partha, and My adhar is not updated with UAN because of DOB mismatch.
        So will EPF COMPOSITE CLAIM FORM help me to withdraw my PF amount without
        My adhar card number?

  15. hello sir,
    I have query regarding Epf withdrawal,

    some of employees who were under one of the contract in particular establishment, now they were transferred to companys payroll from april 2017, so in this case, they were registered with New UAN under company’s PF account ( though they have UAN under contractor PF Account), so in this case , can we withdraw their pf under contract account?
    if yes , how because i am afraid if we try to withdraw their pf , and in case they were found in epf dept as a continues member of epf ???

    kindly provide advise and your suggestion

    • Hi Imran,
      They can withdraw their previous PF amount, it was not a problem. But please note that every employee should have only one UAN number for multiple PF account numbers in their life time.So whenever new employee joins in your organizations ask them if they have any previous UAN number, if they have then continue that old UAN number only.

      • Hi rajesh,

        Ya sure, i will keep in mind that point.

        second thing, those who have been transferred to company payroll, now after generating second UAN , when i see information for such employee on contractor pf portal, their DOJ is disappeared ??

        can you tell me the reason ?
        Thank you,


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