Forgot UAN Number: Find Your UAN Online

The simplest way to recover forgot UAN numbers is by giving a missed call to ✆ 011-22901406 (or) by using the “know your UAN option” on the UAN portal (or) by contacting your HR department (or) by checking your payslips.
If you cannot find forgot UAN by missed call then you can find it online on the UAN member portal website.

How to Recover Forgot UAN Number Online

Step 1: To find your UAN go to the UAN member portal website and click on the know your UAN option on the home page.

how to recover forgot uan online

Step 2: Now enter your PF registered mobile number (or) any other mobile number which is not yet linked to other PF accounts. Now enter the captcha appearing on the screen and click on request OTP.

forgot uan number,

Step 3: After validating the OTP a new page will open. Here enter your name, DOB, and select your Aadhar (or) PAN (or) PF member ID.

Note: If your PF account is not linked with your Aadhar & PAN then choose the member ID option.

how to know forgot uan

Step 4: Now enter your Aadhar or PAN or PF member ID, and type the captcha and click on show my UAN. Now you can see your UAN on the screen.

how to get back forgot uan number online

Other Ways to Recover Forgot UAN

  1. Give missed call to ✆ 011-22901406 from your PF registered mobile number, within 1-2 minutes you will receive your PF details in the form of a text message to your mobile number.
  2. Contact your HR / Accounts department, they will have the PF data of the employees. So they can give your UAN number.
  3. Check your payslips, some companies print UAN numbers on payslips, if you are lucky then you can find your UAN there.
  4. Check your old messages in your mobile inbox, some times EPFO will send text messages whenever your employer credits the PF amount in your PF account. In those text messages also you can find your UAN.

Forgot My UAN Number & Mobile Number What to Do ?

  • To know your UAN number you don’t need PF registered mobile number if your KYC such as Aadhar, bank are already linked to your PF account (or) at least if you know your PF account number.
  • If your case fulfills any above requirements then you can easily find your forgot UAN using the know your UAN option in the UAN portal.
  • If you don’t fulfill any of the above requirements then you have to contact the HR of your company.

Forgot My UAN & KYC are Also Not LInked to UAN, What to Do?

  • Visit your PF office and make a request to link your Aadhar number to your PF account, after linking your Aadhar you can find your forgot UAN online by using the know your UAN option on the UAN portal.
  • You have to submit a request letter and your Aadhar card copy to the PF office to link it.


I have Two UANs, how to know my old UAN number?

If you know your old company’s PF account number then you can find your previous company’s UAN using the know your UAN option in the UAN portal, otherwise, you have to contact the previous company’s HR department (or) check your old payslips.

How can I get my UAN if my KYC was not linked with my PF account?

You can use the PF member id option (or) contact your employer because they will have the data of their employee in the form of monthly ECR statements.

How can I recover my UAN portal password?

Step 1: Go to the UAN member portal.
Step 2: Click on forgot password option.
Step 3: Enter your UAN and captcha showing on the screen.
Step 4: Now select the mobile number, and click on send OTP.
Step 5: Now enter the OTP and set a new password for your UAN member portal.

How to get UAN if my employer is not running their business now?

In that case, you have to visit your PF office, only they can provide your UAN.

Can I withdraw my PF without a UAN number?

No, it is not possible to withdraw the PF amount without a UAN number in both the online and offline processes.

What happens if I don’t have my UAN number?

Without your UAN you cannot download your PF passbook and you cannot link your KYC to your PF account and finally, you cannot withdraw your PF amount online.

How many UAN numbers can a person have?

One UAN, if you have multiple UANs then you have to transfer your PF amount from your old PF accounts to a new PF account. At present Aadhar is mandatory to create a PF account for employees, so in the future, you cannot get another UAN with the same Aadhar number.

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39 thoughts on “Forgot UAN Number: Find Your UAN Online”

  1. Hi, i have my UAN number. I cant activate my UAN number, as i lost my old mobile and sim. So now how can i activate my UAN ? Im not currently working.
    Please help me in resolving my issue

  2. I submitted all documents pertaining to EPF 95, since 9 months passed but I have not received any message or reply from Bandra office ll, Mumbai.

  3. Complaint your issue in pg Portal then tab section click employment & labour department after then show epfo related complaint with your member ID but never complaint throw epfo Portal grievances this is 3rd class option

  4. i have PF number but dont know UAN number and mobile number not link can you please guide me how to know uan number or how to know my PF balance

    • If your mobile number is not linked to your PF account then you have to contact your PF office or employer for UAN.

  5. i have two UAN numbers, one from past employer and one form present employer. But the two UAN numbers are linked to the same mobile number. Now i lost the old UAN number. How can i get the UAN number.
    can you provide old uan Number
    my Old Company Gran Electronics Gujrat (Kutch Bhuj)

    • Visit your PF office, they will link your Aadhar with your PF account, once your Aadhar gets linked with your PF then you can reset your password.

  6. i have two UAN numbers, one from past employer and one form present employer. But the two UAN numbers are linked to the same mobile number. Now i lost the old UAN number. How can i get the UAN number.

    • If you have your old company PF member ID then you can find your UAN online, otherwise, you have to ask your old employer to give your UAN.

  7. I had merged my old PF account and transferred money from the old one to the new one. I don’t have the old UAN number, but now I want the Passbook of my old UAN. How can I get this?

  8. Hello,

    I am looking to merge my PF accounts for the current and previous orgqnisation I had worked for long ago but I am unable to locate UAN for my previous organisation as it has closed down. I am unable to locate my salary slips and I cannot find ‘know your UAN status’ with PAN link on the epfindia portal so I could not give that a try. You mentioned that I can know my UAN by visiting the regional office, kindly advise on the documents I will need to obtain my UAN.

  9. i have two UAN numbers, one from past employer and one form present employer. But the two UAN numbers are linked to the same mobile number. Now i lost the old UAN number. How can i get the UAN number.

  10. hieee you said by addhar num we can find UAN num but in site important link not show this link like know your UAN status how to find this link

  11. How can I transfer my pf account to my new pf account? If I try to transfer online pf how can I transfer error in the process pf transfer request please?

    • I have UAN number but it is not linked with pf number, how to link UAN number to my pf number please please guide me

      • Every PF account number will have a UAN. You can check your in-service history on the UAN portal website.
        If you have multiple PF numbers or UAN numbers then transfer those PF amounts to your latest PF account. Then all your PF accounts will be merged.


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