Full and Final Settlement Acceptance Letter From Employee

Here is a sample full and final settlement acceptance letter which will help you on how to give a reply to your employer regarding your confirmation towards the statement of the full and final settlement sent by your employer.

Some employers ask for confirmation of the employee before paying the full and settlement, they may send the copy of the F&F statement through mail or post. If you find everything is fine then you need to send a confirmation mail or letter, at the same time if you find anything is not correct then you can ask them to correct it.

Sample Full and Final Settlement Acceptance Letter From Employee


The Manager,

XYZ company ltd.

Sub: Acceptance of full and final settlement

Dear Sir,

Thanks for sending my full and final settlement copy and I have thoroughly checked it and everything is fine in it. Here I request you to please consider this letter as my acceptance for the full and final settlement statement sent by you & proceed further and please pay all my dues as early as possible.

Thanking you.



Things to Consider Before Accepting Full & Final Settlement

Before accepting full and final settlement employee must check below points, so that they don’t face any further problems.

  • Check total payment days and payment amount.
  • Check number of encashed leaves.
  • Check whether all the deductions are mentioned properly or not.

Once you are satisfied with all the details mentioned in full and final settlement then you can send above confirmation letter to your employer.

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