How Much Time Will It Take to Update Date of Exit in EPF

The date of exit will be updated immediately, as soon as the employee updates it on the UAN member portal. But remember You can update your date of exit only after 2 months from your last PF contribution date. So You have to wait for 2 months to update your date of exit in PF.

For example, if your last working date in a company is 30 May 2024, you can update your date of exit after 30 July 2024.

how to update date of exit in epf without employer

You can update the date of exit yourself online on the UAN portal, You don’t need your employer’s approval for it. After Updating the Date of Exit You can check it in the service history, and you can apply for PF and pension withdrawals immediately.


1. Is the Last Working Date and Last Contribution Date the Same?

Yes, both are the same. The last contribution date means the last working date until you get a salary in the job.

2. Will my PF claim be rejected if my date of exit and last contribution date are different?

No, the PF claim will not be rejected if your date of exit is after the last contribution date. But you will face problems if you want to transfer the PF. It happens when you join a new job and the date of joining is before your date of exit. In that case, it causes a service overlap issue.

3. Do I need my previous employer’s approval for date of exit?

No, now employees can update their date of exit without depending upon their employers.

4. My employer updated the date of exit but it is not updated in my PF account.

That means your employer has not correctly updated your date of exit. You should ask them to send a screenshot from their employer’s PF portal for verification.

5. Can I change the wrong date of exit in PF?

Yes, you can change it, for that, you have to submit the PF joint declaration form to your PF office.

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