How to Become HR without MBA in India

You don’t need an MBA to become HR, with any degree you can get a job in the HR field, whether it is B.Tech, B.Sc or B.Com, or any other degree. If you want, you can do your MBA through distance mode while working as an HR. MBA is not a mandatory qualification to work as an HR.

But when you attend the interviews for an HR job then the interviewers will ask you why you want to join the HR field when you studied something not related to it, if you answer this question properly or if you have any reference then you can easily get your first HR job.

After getting the first HR job, the experience will play an important role in further growing your career.

How to Become HR Without MBA

HR jobs are majorly divided into two categories one is recruitment and another one is a generalist. Recruiters will only focus on the recruitment process. And generalist duties include payroll management, labour law compliances, and also recruitment activities. 

If you have good communication skills and people management skills then It is easy to become an HR recruiter when compared to an HR generalist

But to become an HR generalist you need to know about salary structures, labour laws such as PF, ESI, minimum wages, bonus, gratuity, etc.

But don’t worry, even most of the MBA HR passed out students also don’t know all these, you can learn them while working as HR, that’s how you will gain knowledge in any job.

So irrespective of salary and position try to work in any HR entry-level position at least for One to Two years. After gaining the experience and knowledge you can look for further opportunities.

Tips to get HR job without MBA

  1. Improve your communication and interpersonal skills, 
  2. Attending as many HR job interviews, it gives an idea of what skills the companies are looking for.
  3. Get some basic knowledge about salary structure, know what is basic wage, gross wage, CTC, HRA, conveyance allowances, special allowances, PF, ESI etc. Watch videos on Youtube, or read blogs or study the books to get the knowledge.
  4. Improve your Excel knowledge. HR jobs mostly deal with working with Excel sheets, for salary statements and attendance sheets preparation, so get some basic knowledge about Excel.
  5. Finally if possible try to do MBA in Human Resources, either in direct mode or distance mode, it gives additional advantage and it will boost your confidence to work in HR field.

The below book will give you a clear idea of what HR will do in a company, and once you read this book then you can answer most of the interview questions. (If you want to pursue your career as a recruiter then this book is not for you, it is for HR generalists)

how to get hr generalist job as a fresher


Can I get HR without a Degree?

No, you must have at least a Degree to get a job in the human resource field.

Is HR a stressful job?

Any job is stressful if you don’t like it (or) if your boss is not supportive. As an HR you need to deal with people, if you love to do that then it is not a stressful job.

Is HR a good career?

Yes, HR is definitely a good career.

Do HR jobs pay well?

It depends on the company and the HR position in which you are working. When compared to other jobs, HR entry-level jobs pay less, but with the experience, you can be paid well. As I said earlier HR is not a qualification-based job, it is an experience-based job.

Can I get an HR job without experience?

Yes, you can get an HR job even without experience. You have to start your career as an HR trainee or executive.

Is HR a hard career?

No, it is not that hard to work as HR.

Is an HR job boring?

Hence HR job mostly deals with the employees, it is not a boring job. You will get new experiences with every problem you face.

Does HR decide salary?

Salaries will be fixed by the company management. As an HR you need to prepare a salary structure like basic wage, gross wage, CTC, etc.

Can a B.Tech or BE fresher get an HR job?

Yes, they can get an HR job, even without an MBA.

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