How to Change Father Name in EPF Online

It is not possible to change an employee’s father’s name in EPF online, to change your father’s name in the EPF portal you need to submit PF joint declaration form to your regional PF office. At present, it is the only solution to correct the wrong father name in the EPF portal.

If your father’s name is not yet updated in the UAN portal, then you can request your employer to update your father’s name on their employer UAN portal, but if your father’s name is wrong then you have to use PF joint declaration form to correct it.

Father name correction in EPF account

Download PF Joint Declaration Form

How to Fill PF Joint Declaration Form to Correct Father Name

Sometimes EPF officers will ask you to submit a request letter along with the PF joint declaration form.

Here is the format to request father name correction in your EPF account.


The EPF regional office,

EPF office address.

Sub: Request for father name correction.

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is _________(your name), UAN : 100XX1234767, PF member id : GRVSP00780XX00000000123, working at __________(company name).

My father’s name has been wrongly mentioned in my PF account as Koduru Raghu, but his actual name is Koduru Raghuram.

Here I would like to request you to kindly correct my father’s name to Koduru Raghuram.

I shall be grateful to you in this regard.

Thanking you.


Your name.

(Mobile no.)

How to Update Missing Father Name or Husband Name in EPF Account

To update the missing name of father or husband, contact your employer, they will update their name in their employer PF account, it is an easy process and doesn’t require any approval from EPFO.

How to update missing father name in EPF account online by employer

Step 1: Go to the employer PF portal.

Step 2: Click on the member profile under the member option in the primary menu.

Step 3: Now enter the UAN or PF number of the employee, whose details you want to update, and click on search.

Step 4: Now click on the missing details option and update the missing father name/husband name or any other details.

Step 5: After updating the details click on update missing details.


How much time will it take to correct/change the father’s name in the EPF account?

It will take 20-30 days from the date of submitting the joint declaration form to your PF office.

Whose signatures are required on PF joint declaration form?

Employee signature (EPF member) and the signature of the authorized person in the company i.e the name of the person that company has given while registering for the EPF act.

What happens if I don’t correct my father’s name in my PF account?

You will face problems while KYC linking, PF and pension withdrawals, and mostly nominees will face problems in case of the unfortunate death of the EPF member.

Can I send PF joint declaration form through courier to correct my father’s name?

Yes, you can send the joint declaration form through courier to your regional PF office.

PF claim rejected due to father name mismatch What is this error?

If your father’s name in your PF account and bank account doesn’t match then your PF claim will be rejected by showing the above reason. In this case, you have to correct your father’s name in your PF account.

If your father’s name is wrong in the bank account then you have to correct it in your bank, by visiting your bank’s branch.

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  1. sir same problem m facing …bcoz of father name mistake … company is closed….so how can i apply to change the father name….with joint declaration form.plz guide me

    • You can take the signature of the bank manager in which you have a bank account.
      But before that, it is better to contact your PF office either directly (or) through the EPF grievance portal for their advice.

  2. Dear Sir I am pramod biar my father name of mising please update my father name – my father name is Kamlesh Kumar biyar my UAN – 100285332105-my company name is tenon facility management dilli north


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